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I am putting together a new sim called North. It all started as an inspiration based on an ever-stronger desire to live away from the big city and move to rugged nature somewhere in the remote north. I created two other places a few years ago, one was Winter and the other Leka, both of which, looking back, I think I put together too quickly. So I knew I wanted to take my time with North and I have.

Inspired by the Shetland Islands in Scotland, where Scotland meets Scandinavia and the North Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, I envision North as raw, serene and still. While I want it to be as true to the original islands as possible, I am not set on having it be a perfect replica. Open space, remote buildings, nature, and ocean are themes, not part of a perfectly constructed reproduction.

I learned going through this virtual sim creating process that there are both practical and emotional aspects involved. The tangible characteristics require some virtual world technical expertise, like, for instance, terraforming. The emotional aspects of sim building have to do with introspection and personality.

Those of you who put together sims already know what the practical initial tasks at hand are; terraforming, ground textures, layout. Then the adding of objects; rocks and stones, grass and flowers, buildings and objects, animals and animate objects. It is important to me that the sim is unique and different and this, truthfully, becomes the greatest challenge of all. I keep reminding myself that less is usually more. If I can avoid it, I don’t use popular objects that are immediately recognizable. Not always possible, but I try. I am also selective when it comes to the quality of the items I place on the sim. This involves digging deep into my inventory and also a lot of running around looking for things that might fit.

Taking time to create provides the opportunity for things to enfold. Just like when creating a painting, or when editing a virtual photograph for that matter, things look different on different days. There are days when my imagination seems to know no bounds and my creativity flourishes. These are the days when I excitedly add to the sim an incredibly detailed sewing room or a dilapidated urban skateboard park. Then there are other times when I am overwhelmed by the entire process and just want to throw in the towel. On those days I seem to just be aimlessly shuffling things from one place to another.

When putting together a sim and the practical and emotional are thoughtfully integrated, I think the end-result becomes a meaningful and inspiring sim ambience that in one way or another reflects the creators persona. I hope to get this project done soon and I look forward to sharing it with you then.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

The Snow Will Melt Soon



I am itching to get started working on a different season on Nordan om Jorden, but I will try to contain myself for a few more weeks. I still have lots of prims to use and can’t wait to get started! While I really like Winter and all that comes with it, honestly wintry scenes, sleds, and falling snow are now starting to feel a little old in Second Life©. I will keep the winter landscape up for a while for sure as I am really happy with the new additions and I love taking dark, moody pictures. But soon, the snow will start to melt on Nordan om Jorden. So come on over and visit and take it all in before Winter makes room for Spring.

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf



Yesterday on Winter on Nordan om Jorden we tried out the new sled that was released by {what next} a few days ago and had such a blast. One, two or three people can use one sled and they are super easy to maneuver. Part of why I left wide open spaces on Nordan om Jorden was exactly for this reason; it is really easy to move around on a sled, alone or in a group. The sleds are available at the landing point. Make sure to open all three gates in the enclosed area when you first teleport in, that will make it easier to sled around all over the landscape without obstruction. Have fun!


★ Outerwear: Wintry Cape, Top and Collar (Blue) by Pixicat at Collabor88
★ Festive Set: Pleated Skirt (Red) and Leaf Diadem (White) by Pixicat for Fifty Linden Fridays
★ Boots: 60s GOGO Boots (Naturals) by Maxi Gossamer at Collabor88
★ Skin: Emma (*peche*) by Essences
★ Hair: Mayumi3 (Type B, Citrine) by D!va
★ Eyes: Look Eyes (Dark Green) by Amacci

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Winter 2014: Quiet Hiding Place


There’s a lot of knitted socks, scarfs, sweaters and cardigans to be had in Second Life© at the moment. Erratic in particular has some outstanding items at The Arcade. I had a really hard time removing myself from the Erratic gacha-machine there and worried I would spend a fortune, but luckily crashed and could not return back in. Amitomo at The Chapter Four also has a cute and very cozy sweater/shirt combo that I adored, great for just lounging around. The photo above is take at Winter on Nordan om Jorden.


★ Cardigan and Shirt Combo: Knit Cardigan Look by Amitomo at The Chapter Four
★ Skirt: Pleated Mini (Tartan Red) by COCO
★ Socks: Eva Holiday Socks (Multi) by Erratic at The Arcade
★ Skin: Emma (*peche*) by Essences
★ Hair: Neve (Browns) by ~Tableau Vivant~ at Fameshed
★ Lips: YumYum Lip 2 by [MUDSKIN] at The Chapter Four
★ Eyes: Look Eyes (Dark Green) by Amacci

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

More on Winter on Nordan om Jorden

End of the road_001

End of the road_002

End of the road_004

I’ve added more areas to Winter on Nordan om Jorden. One area consists of a large space with birches that envelop an old car that stands at the end of a road. The other is a coastal place with a lovely small house. This is the first time I am creating a landscape like this and I realized recently that it will probably continue changing, at least for a while. As I add things other things are taken away. Much of this is a process of creating a unique atmosphere with limited means, meaning there is a natural restriction to prim use that creates a little bit of a challenge! I’m sure those of you who do this kind of thing can relate. Something that also occurred to me is that most winter landscapes in Second Life© look very much alike since most landscape-designers are using items from the same designers. So another challenge with places like this is to find one’s very own individual way to make it look different from other landscapes. Anyway, just some thoughts as I am plugging along with my landscape designing. When you visit, and if you take photos, please join the Nordan om Jorden Flickr group, I would love to see your interpretations of the landscape!

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

Winter on Nordan om Jorden

nordan_002I am done with one of my biggest projects, Winter on Nordan om Jorden, and I am opening this landscape for everyone to visit. Well, I am almost done. It seems like there is always something to add or remove or something to shift around, but I think I have to let it be finished for now. Something like this is probably never really done.


I have been working on the winter landscape for a while and I have really enjoyed doing it, partially because of the wide variety of buildings, landscape and decorating items that are now available in Second Life©. Thank you kindly to Second Life content creators for the beautiful work you do, you truly are inspirational. Please see below for a list of artists and design companies who’s work I used when putting together Winter on Nordan om Jorden.

★ Animals: aQ creating lifestyles, Jubjubs Stuff, Just Animals, Sculpty Creations Animals, The Silversides Lighthouse Store
★ Animation: Bits and Bobs Animations, Warm Animations
★ Artists: Bryn Oh, Piedra Lubitsch
★ Buildings: L2 Studio, POST
★ Decorations: aa build & design, Apple Fall, DECO, EDDESIGN, iTuTu, LISP, PILOT, Scarlet Creative, The Loft, [we’re CLOSED], [what next]
★ Landscaping: *alirium*, ArchiTech Landscaping, Big Cake, FANATIK, HPMD,KIDD Creation, Studio Skye, Tree house designs by Tobias Novi
★ Machines: Arcadia Asylum, Passout


Photographs by Kate Bergdorf