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Best Second Life Galleries 2015

Best Second Life Galleries 2015

Maintaining this blog I visit many Second Life galleries and I thought it might be helpful to compile the galleries that I like the most, with brief descriptions and locations, as a guide and reference. So I have put together a list of the Best Second Life Galleries 2015. It is a completely subjective compilation and I have included both traditional in-house galleries and large sim-installations. Of note,  I am only including places here that exhibit artists on a rotating basis. I may put together a post about permanent art exhibits and installations at a later time. My apologies in advance for not having included all galleries and I also may have missed some that in fact should have made the list. If anyone thinks that a gallery should be on this list, but it is not, please contact me. Many thanks to Tutsy Navarathna and Igor Ballyhoo for consulting. Thanks also to Dirk Wüstenhagen for the texture used for the logo above. Below please find in alphabetical order the Best Second Life Galleries 2015 list.

Name: Avalon Town
Curator/Owner: Tricia Aferdita
About: Multi-gallery complex

Name: Berg by Nordan Art
Curator/Owner: Kate Bergdorf
About: Gallery space and full-sim installation area

Name: Broad Street Gallery
Curator/Owner: Isa Missantropa
About: Gallery space

Name: Crossworlds Gallery
Curator/Owner: Fabilene Cortes
About: Multi-gallery complex

Name: dathuil Gallery of Art
Curators/Owners: Max Butoh and Lucy Diamond
About: Gallery space

Name: Gallery 33
Curator/Owner: Monroe Smithson
About: Multi-gallery complex

Name: Hills Gallery
Curator/Owner: Hills
About: Gallery space

Name: Holtwaye Art Space
Curators/Owners: Holter Rez and Wayne
About: Multi-gallery complex

Name: Lollygagger Art Center
Curator/Owner: Chrissssy
About: Gallery Space

Name: MetaLES
Curators/Owners: Ux Hax and Romy Nayar
About: Full-sim installation area

Name: Nitroglobus Gallery
Curator/Owner: Dido Haas and Nitro Fireguard
About: Gallery space

Name: Split Screen Installation Space
Curator/Owner: Dividni Shostakovitch
About: Half-sim installation space

Name: Tart Gallery
Curator/Owner: Byrne Darkly Cazalet
About: Gallery space

Name: The Galleries (NORTH, WEST, and EAST)
Curator/Owner: Ernie Farstrider
About: Multi-gallery complex

Name: University of Western Australia (UWA)
Curators/Owners: Jayjay Zifanwe and FreeWee Ling
About: Virtual presence of the UWA, hosting art challenges