The Station




I found my way back to The Station today and I am somewhat overwhelmed. There is the Fun House, which was indeed fun and one hell of a ride, be prepared for the unexpected. Right next to it is the Sky Walk, with the exhibit by Bryn Oh and Sina Souza; it is housed in a large corridor-like space below the station itself. Very clever and beautifully done. Then I noticed these large, golden funnels, sort of like up-side-down trumpets. I stepped into one of them and started falling into the one below. Besides all this, there is a sling-shot, a theater, clubs, zeppelins and two trains huffing and puffing about. And there is a hunt. Below The Station, on the ground, is also The Dead City.

I have a very good friend who I think has impeccable taste and who I  also consider an expert on Second Life© creativity. Yesterday, I contacted him and asked him to join me at The Station, pretty sure he would be as enthusiastic as I was about this place. I was wrong. He told me he had been at the opening and said he thought it was alright and then started reminiscing about Sextan Shepherd. Remember Nemo, the Steampunk Submarine City? Then I too remembered the work of Sextan; the great attention to detail, the high quality textures, the perfect juxtapositions and the post-apocalyptic feel. The Station is certainly a great attempt at steampunk, but in some areas it also falls short. I like  the coming together of fantasy aspects such as the winding railroad tracks in the sky and the golden funnels. The steam power machinery also certainly lends a  British Victorian era kind of quality. I utterly adore the balloons. But, while some of the textures used are great, others are simply just good enough. And there is too much going on, in fact, it feels quite commercial to me (the hunt, the clubs, the music stream). But this is just my humble opinion. Head over and take a look for yourselves (and be prepared to spend some time)!

Photography by Kate Bergdorf

Fall 2013: Duna

station_012I found a beautiful dress and a fantastic location today. I will write about the dress now and return for the place another time. Let me just say this for now, the balloons at The Station are utterly mesmerizing and the entire place just takes my breath away. I had received an announcement about this location previously (there was an opening exhibition showing work by Sina Souza and Bryn Oh), but it was not until I saw the post today by Honor McMillan that I actually teleported over. More about this later, now back to the dress. The mesh dress Duna by Nevery Lorakeet  of *Les Petits Details* comes in XXS, XS, S, M and L. It really consists of several parts; a cream-colored, long-sleeved thin sweater is tucked into a long, geometrically patterned, flowing skirt and a brown, wide leather belt ties the two together. There is also a collar that comes with this outfit, but I chose not to wear it. This ensemble looks incredibly elegant, I imagine that the top may be soft cashmere and the skirt made of fine silk. It also comes in other colors and patterns. Head over to *LpD* and take a look, L$300 for this outfit is truly a steal.

Skin: Amaterasu (Peche) by Essences. Lipstick: Isla (Glamour Matt) by League. Hair: Carol (Chestnut) by Amacci. Pose: Butterfly Couture by Del May. Dress: Duna Outfit Optical by *Les Petite Details*.

Photography by Kate Bergdorf