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The new show Alone/Together, curated by Doc (aka Murdock Beningborough), at the new Pretentious Gallery (former Broadstreet Gallery), owned by Isa Messioptra, opens tomorrow, Sunday, June 12, 2016 at 12 PM SLT. The organizers state that this show looks at the emotional myopia that exists in our public and private relationships. The loner in a crowded room, disconnected lovers, those in grief but surrounded by friends and family, and on. No one is immune. There is no vaccination that protects for life. Like physical pain, expressing sensation from past experience is inordinately difficult. Art in any form transcends the divide and the challenge for this exhibit is to express the isolation. The artists showing their work are Edie Horngold, Kato Salyut, Hills Scofield, Goodcross, Bay Addens, daze, Sabbian Paine, Isa Messioptra, MM, and Senna Coronet. This is another intriguing theme brought forth by this gallery and it will be interesting to see what each of these talented photographers come up with. Very much looking forward to this show!

Image in poster by Edie Horngold

Sina Souza at Influence Art




Sina Souza has an opening today, Sunday, January 25, 2015, at 1 PM SLT at the Influence Art Gallery. I am somewhat familiar with Sina’s work and some of the images you find at this gallery have actually been shown before, still, when viewing her powerful artworks in this exhibit I was left feeling moved by the ones I had already seen all over again. Sina started creating her images in Second Life© in November 2012. Since then she has exhibited widely, most recently at the Nitroglobus Gallery together with Sabbian Paine. I am excited that Sina has agreed to show her work at Berg by Nordan Art from October to December 2015. Check out the Fine Art America website for more of her work.


I also really like the space, the Influence Art Gallery, where Sina’s work is on display. The quality of the two-story build (by Frasha Boa of Abiss) is exquisite and the size of it is perfect for a gallery. The brick exterior, consisting of a black-framed glass door and two black-framed large windows, wonderfully frames the artworks inside. The sparsely decorated two-level gallery interior highlights the artworks on display as well. My compliments for a beautifully put together gallery!

Photographs of Sina Souza images and of gallery by Kate Bergdorf

Works by Sabbian Paine and Ziki Questi


The group The Follow played at the Sabbian Paine (Femme)  and Ziki Questi (Geometries of the Grid) opening at the Holtwaye Gallery today. The art works on display were wonderful and the music was great. The place was packed and it was hard to move, what a great opening! Go and take a look at this exhibit for yourselves.



Photographs by Kate Bergdorf