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Shuffling Prims

Shuffling Prims

I didn’t think this would happen anytime soon, but I find myself in a position where I need to reduce the amount of prims I am using on my sim Nordan om Jorden. I decided to remove my beloved house Normandy, and the entire platform with the winter garden on which it is placed, and replace these with something less prim heavy. Those of you who follow this blog know that I am a bit obsessed with all things POST by Van Auster (here and here and here) and that a decision like this did certainly not come easy. Moreover, I have to confess that I have strayed; I purchased a house by Apple Fall. The talented Mr. Fall is of course also amongst my favorite designers, in fact, I don’t think I know of anybody who is not crazy about his work. Honestly though, I have always preferred his exquisite furniture and other smaller design objects over his buildings. While I always found his houses as beautiful as his smaller items, I also found them cramped and hard to move around in. This is not the case with the house that I got yesterday, the Old Manufactory. This is a perfect winter nest. In addition to adding some new stuff, I have moved some of the things I already had inside the Normandy into the new house so it still feels quite familiar. The platform is much smaller than the one I had previously, but it still totally serves the purpose of having a space outside the house where we can sit and walk around. This house is an incredible charmer with its huge windows, high ceilings, distressed wall materials, attention to detail and gorgeous wood floors. Thank you Apple Fall for making Second Life a more beautiful place to live. ♥

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf


Berg by Nordan Art 2016

Berg by Nordan Art 2016

We now have a complete list of artists exhibiting at Berg by Nordan Art in 2016. Most of you are already aware of that as of October 2015 the gallery consists of two parts, one is the original small gallery-build in the sky and the other the sim-wide installation space on the ground. There are eight artists in total showing their work in 2016, two for each time period of three months.

January through March: Haveit Neox (installation) and Mich Michabo (photography)
April through June: Igor Ballyhoo (installation) and Imani Nayar (photography)
July through September: Cica Ghost (installation) and Kyhiro (photography)
October through December: Livio Korobase (installation) and ◦⊱ Mi ⊰◦ (photography)

I am hoping that Tutsy Navarathna, who has become an integral consultant and co-organizer in the gallery at this point, will film at exhibit openings and put together more of the Berg by Nordan Art opening machinima that we have come to treasure so much. We will publish again a Berg by Nordan Art book, most likely in October 2016. Please do join the Berg by Nordan Art group inworld for ongoing updates and announcements.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Winter Wrap

★ Top: Winter Wrap (Black) by (fd) for Collabor88
★ Pants: Knitted Tights (Gray) by Aphorism for Uber
★ Boots: Leather Knee Boots (Baked Clay) by ISON for Collabor88
★ Hair: Bonnie (Brown) by [monso] for Collabor88
★ Skin: Emma (*peche*) by Essences
★ Mesh Body: Lara by Maitreya
★ Freckles: Chocolate Splits by DeeTaleZ
★ Eyes: Look Eyes (Emerald) by Amacci
★ Eyebrows: Natural Eyebrows by iGOTit for The Chapter Four
★ Pose: [winter] (standard parka pose) by (marukin) for Collabor88
★ Location: Home of Kate Bergdorf

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

House and Home


I am kind of a homebody in real life and a little bit that way in the virtual world as well. My house in Second Life is important to me, partially because of esthetics, but also because it is the place that I can return to and call home. I have switched homes numerous times in the past, but my current house, The Normandy by Van Auster of POST, has been a constant for a while. Since my sim Nordan om Jorden is as of recently occupied by the gallery Berg by Nordan Art, the house is not on the ground, but sits on a platform in the sky. I thought I would not like this as much, but as it turns out, I actually prefer it. I find that while of course there is no water available or ground to terraform, the space itself is more intimate and manageable to design. I am already looking forward to in a month or so to re-design the space for winter.


But we visited then recently a beautiful sim with houses for rent and predictably I felt the pull once again to move. We decided to look at the homes. These were such beautiful buildings and attached were the prettiest gardens one could imagine and all designed by outstanding content creators in Second Life. It was perfection. We entered several houses and found that though really well constructed and  amazing looking from the outside, there were consistent problems with interior layout and very little space to move around. We kept falling down stairs and bumping into one another. In addition, lag was a problem. We learned that day that it doesn’t matter if the house design and the setting are both stunning, tight living quarters and difficulty moving because of lag are undesirable. Teleporting home and landing in a spacious and bright lag-free living room was a big relief.


My attachment to my home also has to do with permanence. There is something valuable about our own sense of history in this virtual world where time sometimes seems a little warped. It is important to me that the stack of books next to my laptop on my desk have been there for a while since it contributes to a sense of familiarity and homeliness. I should also mention here something about objects that have stood the test of time, specifically the classic builds  and objects by Van Auster. He figured out a long time ago that it was crucial to use only the finest textures and attend to the littles of details. Mr. Auster also realizes that avatars need interior space to move around. Finishing up writing this post, I realized I wrote a very similar post back in July about POST, where I am going on and on about the talented Van Auster just like I am here! It seems some things do not change.

House and Home

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

Home and Garden

314After much back and forth,  I finally settled on the Normandy for my new home, which I think ended up being a great choice. It is a rather small, but still spacious seeming house with lots of windows that lend a beautiful inside/outside kind of feel to it. I also ended up creating an outside space, which was quite time-consuming but very much worth it in the end. I especially love on the outside the gorgeous new Apple Fall Garden Walls and the majestic Oak Tree by Alex Bader. I had so much fun doing this and then went a little nuts taking photographs when I was done. I am posting them here.


Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

Save the Date!


Join us for a party at Berg by Nordan Art on Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 12 PM SLT. Check out the delightful photographs by Piedra Lubitsch, who’s exhibit Souvenir is currently on display in the gallery. Eif (aka d-oo-b) will DJ and promises to provide excellent tunes. See you there!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Piedra Lubitsch at Berg by Nordan Art

png1collagebergbynordanexhibitionpiedralubitschPiedra Lubitsch’s exhibit Souvenir opens at Berg by Nordan Art this Saturday, April 4, 2015 at 2 PM SLT. The show is about years of memories in Second Life and how Piedra finds beauty in color and form. She talks about this exhibit as depiction of the avatar as a doll that she plays dress-up with and in doing so finds both beauty and happiness. Piedra’s work will be on display at the gallery until the end of June 2015, followed by Harbor Galaxy (July to September) and Sina Souza (October to December). Please be on the lookout for announcements.

Image above by Piedra Lubitsch

Leka Is Now Open!


I am pleased to let you know that Leka on Nordan om Jorden is now open. After a month of blood, toil, tears and sweat, it is finally done and I can barely contain myself with excitement. Come over and take a look! Hop on a bike and ride on winding roads along the water, through fields and into the forest clearing or take a stroll across the sim and explore scenic areas. My thanks to Inara Pey and Huckleberry Hax for their blog sneak-peek-preview posts. Also thank you to Tutsy Navarathna for his beautiful photographs of Leka, above and below. And last, but not least, thank you to the Second Life© Destination Guide for already having included Leka in your Editors’ Picks.


Photographs by Tutsy Navarathna