berg by nordan art: gallery changes


As mentioned in a blog post a few weeks ago, there will be several changes made to Berg by Nordan Art, all effective starting April. First, I am happy to officially introduce Tutsy Navarathna as my co-manager and co-curator. Tutsy has already played an integral part in the gallery for the past years and it seems only fitting that he should now take on a more visible role. Our shared goal continues to be presenting you only with outstanding virtual art; photography, installations and machinima.  Gallery M, the permanent exhibit space for the artist Mich Michabo, will remain as is. Mich has been working on a new exhibit and I anticipate we will have the opening in a few months. The format of the Berg by Nordan Art gallery in the sky remains the same; we have four photographers per year, each showing their work for a period of three months. We will replace the current a bit dated gallery build with a new building by Abiss. L’annexe, which I have been using to exhibit my photographs, will become a space where Tutsy and I present collaborative work a few times per year. We have already started work on a new machinima. Last, but not least, I just received word that Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu have graciously agreed to permanently exhibit their installations on the ground. We will see two or more new installations by them per year, the next one some time in May or June. I have been an admirer of the work by Meilo and CapCat since I first came to SL in 2009. It is a great honor for me that they accepted our offer to become resident artists. That is all for now. Please check this blog, or join the group Berg by Nordan Art inworld, for updates and announcements.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

merry christmas 2016


I am sitting here at my desk in front of the laptop with a very sleepy dog on the carpet next to me. It is snowing outside my window. It is the first heavy snowfall this winter and I can’t help but feel like a kid; there is this pull to run outside and play in the snow. But I’ll save that for later and focus on this post… As the year comes to an end it is time to reflect on time past and what lays ahead. Much happened at Berg by Nordan Art in 2016; we had remarkable exhibits and installations, exciting openings with music by DJ Eif (aka d-oo-b), machinima made by Tutsy Navarathna, and the Gallery M showing Mich Michabo‘s art was added as an integral part of the gallery. We held the monthly Paper Crown Passing Ceremonies, which were so whimsical and fun. Still to come this year, as usual a collaboration with my friend Huck Hax, the gallery retrospective publication, Berg by Nordan Art 2016. The gallery will continue to evolve in 2017 and there are several important changes planned, the most significant being a change from single to joint leadership when it comes to administration and curating. The gallery will also reduce in size; we will no longer be showing installations on the ground, a new gallery build will instead be situated on the ground and we will show photography only. What will remain the same, however, is our continued commitment to only showing the highest quality SL art. But more about this to come in the next several months. 2016 also brought other exciting things for me; an increased focus on Flickr photography, I joined the junk. and Clef de Pleau blogger teams, and worked together with Mich Michabo on the lovely Paper Crown events. I will be happy to continue devoting my time to all of this in 2017. Finally, on a more personal note, I made many meaningful connections with people in our virtual world this year, something I know will also continue happening in 2017. Because as we all know, even though we are all busy and sometimes don’t find time, it is ultimately the connections with others that make our individual SL experiences priceless. So Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa everyone and I hope 2017 will be just as great as 2016!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

fall gallery updates


Fall is upon us and there are several Berg by Nordan Art updates I would like to share here. First, the two exhibits by Maloe Vansant, Close Ups of a Doll and Memories: Retrospective, will come to an end the last day of September. I will miss seeing these beautiful photographs, and also the doll houses, in the gallery so much. Come and check this out if you haven’t already. The Nordan om Jorden sim will then be closed to the public for the two first weeks of October while we install two new shows by Livio Korobase and by ◦⊱Mi⊰◦. The opening will be on Sunday, October 16 at 10 AM SLT and as usual Berg by Nordan Art house DJ Eif, aka d-oo-b, will provide music. More about this to come! The two other gallery parts, Gallery M, permanent exhibit space for Mich Michabo, and L’annexe, where I show a collection of my photographs, are easily accessible via teleport from the main gallery. Also in the main gallery, you will find general information about Berg by Nordan Art, the Paper Crown events, as well as link access to join the Berg by Nordan Art group, Flickr group and my two blogs. Finally, the October Paper Crown event will take place on Sunday, October 2 at 2 PM SLT. As I am on vacation then, the ceremony will take place at the Michabode this time. If you would like to attend, please contact Mich Michabo separately for access.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Berg by Nordan Art updates!


We have a few exciting new Berg by Nordan Art updates. First, in the main gallery are on display still until the end of September the beautiful portraits by Maloe Vansant; her two exhibits Yesterday: Retrospective and Close Ups of a Doll, should not be missed. Coming up, from October through December, we then have ◦⊱Mi⊰◦ showing photography in the gallery and Livio Korobase an installation on the ground. More about this to come, please be on the lookout for announcements. Secondly, I’m very excited to share here that Berg by Nordan Art has established a permanent gallery space, Gallery M, for the artist Mich Michabo. Her first exhibit, The Other, inspired by the poem with the same name by Sylvia Plath, will open on Sunday, September 4, at 12 PM SLT. We will send out group announcements and also post announcements on Flickr as we get closer to the opening date. Finally, the paper crown royalty have all returned from a much deserved two-month vacation and will gather tomorrow, Sunday, August 28 at 2 PM SLT to crown our new queen! Come and join us if you like, these crown passing events can get pretty interesting. That is all for now. Hope to see you in the gallery soon!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

The Cat’s House on the Hill



Mich Michabo has opened for a short time period to the public a part of her Michabode land a small parcel that she has named The Cat’s House on the Hill. This is a remarkable place, a gathering of cats, that should not be missed. On a high hill, nested amongst mountains and trees, we find a little two-story cardboard house with a slanted roof and a chimney. Inside there are four rooms, connected by a staircase. Many, very many, cats of all shapes and sizes, live side by side here. Some are sleeping, a few are watching TV or surfing the internet, and others are up to some mischief. There is a Pippi-Longsockingesque feel to this lovely and whimsical place that must be experienced in person. Head over and take a look and if you take pics, please post them on Flickr. Thanks Mich for sharing with all of us this very unique kitty-extravaganza!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Gallery Updates


I would like to share with you here some updates about Berg by Nordan Art. First, we are about one-third through the second round of exhibits for this year. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback for the beautiful black and white photographs by Imani Nayar and the intriguing surrealist-inspired installation by Igor Ballyhoo. I am also happy to let you know that the gallery once again made the Featured Events section of the Second Life Destination Guide. Come over and check out these works if you haven’t already; the teleport to the installation on the ground is next to the door in the gallery. If you take photographs, please add them to the Berg by Nordan Art Flickr group, would love to see them! Second, we have made changes to the third round of exhibits (July throughout September 2016). Due to unforeseen circumstances Kyhiro (photography) and Cica Ghost (installation) will unfortunately not be able show their work; hoping to show their work in the gallery at some future time. The artists showing their work for that time will be announced at a later time. Finally, The Paper Crown Pass Ceremony, a challenge started by Mich Michabo, has now become kind a kind of tradition in our gallery. The current Queen Elizabeth is doing an extraordinarily fine job carrying the crown! She is about half-way through and will in a few weeks select a new King or Queen, at which time we meet again for our ceremony. Please look for the poster next to the door if you are interested in joining these events. Thats all for now folks, hope to see you in the gallery soon!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

I’m Me, Mich

I'm Me, Mich

Mich Michabo had her 11th rezz-day on April 11, 2016 and we all didn’t realize, including herself. Mich is someone who I have come to know a bit over the past months and I feel fortunate to be her friend. Not only is she one of the most unique people I have met in Second Life, but she is also one of the most creative. One of the things that I adore about Mich is that she truly does not seem to have the slightest idea how great her creative work really is. Any time I point this out to her, she simply responds, “I’m just me, Mich.” There are two videos that were made in 2014, Toothbrush, by Philip Sidek, and Le vent nous portea, by Mr. S., and I think both beautifully capture the essence of dear Mich. Take a look, I think you will agree. Happy belated rezz-day dear friend, hoping for many more to come! ♥



Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Art Now

Art Now

These are exciting times in the Second Life art world. After a few years of stagnation, virtual art is once again is seeming more alive, even though perhaps there is a shift in a bit of a different direction. A few years ago, installations in various proportions by artists like Simotron Aquila, Igor Ballyhoo, Rebeca Bashly, Rose Borchovski, Artistide Despres, Claudia222 Jewell, nessuno Myoo, Romy Nayar, soror Nishi, Bryn Oh, Maya Paris, and Scottius Polke were frequently shown and immensely popular. While some of these artists are still active, large exhibits seem to be less common today. Fortunately, there are still a few venues, like the recently re-opened Split Screen (presently showing Rebeca Bashly), MetaLES, Berg by Nordan Art (presently showing Haveit Neox), the LEA sims, and a few others that still show larger installations. What is really taking off right now, however, are galleries showing photography. In addition to more established galleries, like for instance, dathuil (presently showing Zib Scaggs), Nitroglobus Hall (presently showing Angelika Corral and SheldonBr) and Berg by Nordan Art  (presently showing Mich Michabo), there are a large number of newish galleries, or galleries I’ve not heard of before, showing fabulous work. These are, in no particular order, The Good Days Gallery (presently showing Hillany Scofield), Gallery Fermate (presently showing Kake Broek), DaphneArts Gallery (as of tomorrow showing Jamie Hill and Joslyn Benson), White Pines Gallery (soon showing Daze) and Kafu Ato Gallery (presently showing moon edenbaum). This list is by no means exhaustive, there are several other galleries showing great photographs as well. Do head over and take a look at one or all of these places!

Photograph from The Good Days Gallery by Kate Bergdorf

The Paper Crown Pass


It is finally time for one of the most important Ceremony events of the year, namely the first ever Paper Crown Pass! This challenge was announced by Miss Mich Michabo on Flickr a few days ago and we now have a taker (yes, it is me!). I will accept the prestigious Paper Crown on Sunday, February 7, 2016 at 12 PM SLT at Berg by Nordan Art, seated by the Gallery Orange Cat. The Paper Crown will be worn by me for a month and I must wear the Paper Crown in all pictures I take. These photos will then be added to the especially created Paper Crown Pass Flickr Group. After one month the Paper Crown will then be passed by me to an individual of my choice to which another Paper Crown Pass Ceremony will take place at the Berg by Nordan Art gallery. Each new wearer of the Paper Crown will then do the same, wear for a month and pass to an individual of their choice at Berg by Nordan Art for the Pass Ceremony and so forth. The Paper Crown will eventually end up again with Mich in December 2016. Let me also not forget to mention here that the golden Paper Crown was created by the talented Meli Imako. Hope you can join us for this exciting event!

Blog post co-editor Mich Michabo
Photograph by Mich Michabo

January through March 2016: Haveit Neox and Mich Michabo

Berg Logo

We still have about a week left of the current exhibits by Giovanna Cerise and Sina Souza at Berg by Nordan Art. Please head over and take a look if you haven’t already. Haveit Neox and Mich Michabo are up next, from January through March 2016. As mentioned earlier, the gallery will be closed on January 1 and 2 for installation of the new exhibits and the opening will then take place on Sunday, January 3 at 11 AM SLT. As usual our house DJ d-oo-b (aka Eif) will provide music.

Fading Mask by Neox 2 (1024)

Haveit Neox’s new exhibit Fading Mask promises to be just as stunning and intriguing as his previous installations in Second Life. He has put together a machinima-preview of his work, which I have posted separately here. Haveit’s accompanying notes to this important piece are:

I don’t believe you
you don’t believe me either
the human brain is made of story cells
we concoct the truth, don’t we, rather than see it
then we march with the like-minded to affirm our stories
no, dear reader, you are not an exception without victims
but our mask can fall at any moment
beware, we enlightened ones, for the store of hatred we have,
or worse, for the amount of love
we’d stolen away for all the years.

poster for berg

Mich Michabo’s exhibit, Simple Samples of Her Repertroire, is equally close to my heart. Mich is someone who rarely shows her work in galleries and I am so proud and honored to have her show her very unusual and poetic photographs in mine. About this exhibit she states:

Just making pretty pictures in Second Life. I like to show emotion through faces, a chair leg and yes, even your shoe!

It’s not just pictures, it’s love… I throw dedication to those in the know.

I love looking at your misty pictures, your love of art. I like the nature of rain, trees and snow. Windows, curtains and what they show. Moody pictures and bright happy ones too. I like a little bit of nude, black and white – and I really love enthusiasm, love for and trying.

Yes that’s me – I love most things about you.

I thank Giovanna and Sina for a fabulous three months of art at the end of 2015 and welcome Haveit and Mich for the first  period of 2016. See you in the new year!