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When life gives you apples… Run!

I liked this thoughtful write up by Mona Eberhardt on the most recent work by Rebeca Bashly. Head over to LEA 6 and take a look at When Life Gives You Apples…Run!

Mona Eberhardt

When life gives you apples... Run!“When life gives you apples… Run!” at LEA6 (Rated: Moderate) – Please click on the image for the original.

Such is the title of Rebeca Bashly’s new installation at LEA6, the final installment for this round of the Linden Endowment for the Arts’ Full Sim Arts series. As Rebeca writes in the introductory notecard:

Looking at various myths, legends and fairy tales, apple seems to be pretty misfortunate for a woman.
When an apple appears in a story, you know that something will go bad.
From Eve, through Greek mythology to Snow White there was always a catch with an apple.
It is beautiful, delicious, tempting, seductive. A perfect disguise for all bad that can come.
I use it as a symbol for the monstrosities that women too often don’t recognise as such in its early stages.
This installation is about domestic violence and eating disorders, on first sight two…

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Speculum at LEA 6


There is something hauntingly beautiful about Giovanna Cerise’s newest installation Speculum at LEA 6. Immediately upon arrival I found myself mesmerized by this large and abstract build. A myriad of wooden beams of sorts are joined together in several intricate clusters and form a long tunnel as well as a few tent-like shapes. The tunnel itself is veiled in a kind of fine partially see-through black grid. Giovanna mentions in her exhibit notecard that her work is about mirrors:  The mirror, as multiplicity and continuous playback. The mirror, where the invisible overlaps the original and the hidden appears suddenly. The mirror, as an illusion of which you can not do without. The mirror as a projection in an unreal dimension. The mirror that opens the door to …. This is without doubt one of the best large installations I have seen in Second Life© in a very long time. Bravo, Giovanna! Of note, however, not only at this exhibit but at other LEA sim exhibits as well, I find myself more and more distracted and bothered by the nearby sim installations. Igor Ballyhoo, in a Virtual Review interview, was right on mark; [t]he biggest problem with the LEA sims is that from one sim u see the other sims that are located next to it. This creates the feeling of a sandbox. You can’t enjoy going to the opera if in the room next to it there is rock concert. Speculum by Giovanna Cerise at LEA 6 will only remain open until the end of February 2015 so head over and take a look before it is too late.


Photographs of Giovanna Cerise’s work by Kate Bergdorf

Four Installations Currently at LEA

The Linden Endowment of the Arts (LEA) is a Linden Lab sponsored entity that promotes artists in Second Life©. I am not always enthusiastic about the work that is being shown by LEA, but recently there have been installations that have caught my eye on LEA 6, LEA 10, LEA 12, and LEA 25. Significant about all these works, besides that they are all very different from each other and incredibly well done, is that they can’t really be shown anywhere else but in the virtual world. As several bloggers have already visited most of these installations I will not go into great detail commenting on them here, but rather add links to the blogs who already provide write-ups.

LEA 6: Heartseed The Wild Side (Jedda Zenovka)


Heartseed The Wild Side can be found on LEA 6. Suggested sky setting is [EUPHORIA] bergamot and water setting [TOR] Placida brite (I used both for the photo above). This is the beautifully organic seeming and quite energetic work by the artist Jedda Zenovka.  Music is an integral part of her work, make sure to turn it on. Jedda Zenovka has her own space, also named Heartseed with the same name where she has been creating her spectacular work for years. Check out Ziki Questi’s post for more information on this work: Ziki Questi’s Blog.

LEA 10: Transit’t – Taciturnly (Selavy Oh and Mimesis Monday)


The next work, Transit’t – Taciturnly on LEA 10, is a collaboration between Selavy Oh and Mimesis Monday.  Basically, this is a sim covered in constantly moving large white translucent round spheres. The viewer wanders through this field of moving bubbles experiencing all kinds of emotions, one of them, certainly, is a sense of constriction. But I also find this work captivating and rather beautiful, mostly I think because of the large-scale. Where, other than in Second Life, can one wander around in a field of humongous shifting bubbles? Check out Honour McMillan’s blog for more about this installation: Honour’s Post Menopausal View (of Second Life).

 LEA 12: Virtual interpretation of Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights (by theoxyz aka tomm.pye)


On the neighboring sim to LEA 10 is LEA 12. It is unclear to me whether the current installation on LEA 12 is even open to the public since I don’t remember having heard anything about an opening. I took a look anyway and found a remarkable virtual interpretation by theoxyz (tomm.pye) of Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights. Since I am uncertain about whether or not this work is completely done, I will not comment on it here. Let me just say, the detail and thought that has been put into creating it so far is nothing short of astonishing.

 LEA 25: Sauce (Maya Paris)


Last, but not least, I visited Sauce by Maya Paris on LEA 25. I have long been a fan of her work and Sauce does not disappoint. Maya Paris’ work is interactive (please take time to read card and follow instructions), filled with all kinds of sounds and funny poses, infused with humor and incredibly well-crafted. This particular installation is about love, dating and relationships, poking and making fun of all. Inara Pey, Honour McMillan and Ziki Questi have all written blog posts on this installation: Living in the Modem World, Honour’s Post Menopausal View (of Second Life) and Ziki Questi’s Blog.

Photography by Kate Bergdorf