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north opens today

North, covered in a soft blanket of snow, opens later today. Heavy snow falls on the mountains, but the valley remains clear. While much is still the same as it was, there are also some new additions that I think contribute to an overall sense of cohesion on the sim. Two buildings were added to the cluster of houses in the center and all of them are now snugly contained by walls and fences. There is a pavement with streetlights and a road. The new North abandoned motel is facing the ocean. Christmas decor is minimal on the sim, most notable is a large christmas tree by AM Radio in the courtyard from which stretch strings of light. As the astute observer may also notice, the waves have been turned properly (they were facing the wrong way before lol). The new North music stream is up and a new North windlight in the making. None of this would have been at all possible without the generous help of Toxx Genest, Mich Michabo, Bay Addens, Sasaya Kayo, Livio Korobase and others. It dawned on me once done with the makeover, the greatest part of it was the work we shared. Thank you ♥

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf


Hot off the press: Berg by Nordan Art 2016

I am pleased to report here that we finally finished the new Berg by Nordan Art gallery retrospective book, Berg by Nordan Art 2016. This work would not have been possible without invaluable help by the ever so patient Huck Hax. It is always great when done with a big project like this and then spend time looking though what one has accomplished. Reflecting on the past year, I am so proud of what we have achieved with the gallery. The outstanding artistic contributions by Igor Ballyhoo, Livio Korobase, ◦⊱ Mi ⊰◦, Imani Nayar, Haveit Neox, Mich Michabo, and Maloe Vansant speak for themselves. Thank you also to some of the many photographers who visited the gallery and took pictures of the art and let us use them for the book; Bay Addens, Midwinter’s Art, NawtyBiker, ◦⊱ Mi ⊰◦, Miles Cantalou, and neko Makamori. A special thank you to Tutsy Navarathna who also contributed the beautiful cover photos. We hope you will enjoy the new publication Berg by Nordan Art 2016 as much as we have. You can read it by clicking the link above or visit Berg by Nordan Art in-world where you will find it on the table on the gallery ground floor together with our two previous retrospective publications from 2010-2011 and 2015.

Book cover photograph by Tutsy Navarathna; cover design by Huckleberry Hax


27CzHgh - Imgur

The new show Alone/Together, curated by Doc (aka Murdock Beningborough), at the new Pretentious Gallery (former Broadstreet Gallery), owned by Isa Messioptra, opens tomorrow, Sunday, June 12, 2016 at 12 PM SLT. The organizers state that this show looks at the emotional myopia that exists in our public and private relationships. The loner in a crowded room, disconnected lovers, those in grief but surrounded by friends and family, and on. No one is immune. There is no vaccination that protects for life. Like physical pain, expressing sensation from past experience is inordinately difficult. Art in any form transcends the divide and the challenge for this exhibit is to express the isolation. The artists showing their work are Edie Horngold, Kato Salyut, Hills Scofield, Goodcross, Bay Addens, daze, Sabbian Paine, Isa Messioptra, MM, and Senna Coronet. This is another intriguing theme brought forth by this gallery and it will be interesting to see what each of these talented photographers come up with. Very much looking forward to this show!

Image in poster by Edie Horngold

Three shows this Sunday!


I am happy to report that Second Life art galleries continue to thrive. This Sunday, May 15, 2016, we have three excellent exhibits (and there are probably more), all opening pretty much exactly at the same time… The [Enlightenment] show, by Cicciuzzo Gausman, curated by Mareea Farrasco, opens at the IMAGO gallery at 12 PM SLT (read more about it here). The exhibit Postcards from the Subconsious, by Maloe Vansant and Burk Bode, curated by Dido Haas, opens at Nitroglobus Hall at 12:30PM SLT. Maloe and Burk note that [t]his exhibition is like a child. It was planned friendly and glamorous. But as always our unconsciousness send us postcards. Feelings like bubbles coming up that told us we had to make just this picture and no other. So at the end our child is not what we planned it to be. It became somebody dark and nasty. Looking at us like a misbehaving child and telling us: ‘I don’t like you’. Astonished we answer: ‘but we love you and we made you!?!’ Our child turned out to be somebody else: dark, coz it emerged from the dark sides of our souls. Sticking out its tongue and smiling at us boldly. But we still love it …  It is also my pleasure to let you know here that Maloe Vansant has agreed to show her photographs at Berg by Nordan Art in 2017. Please be on the lookout for announcements.


The show In the spirit of…., a group show featuring Amona SaviraBay AddensDr. StrangeloveIsa MessioptraJordan Giant.kikiLyndzey MelliPaola MillsSenna Coronet and Tutsy Navarathna, opens at the Broadstreet Gallery also at 12 PM SLT. Senna Coronet, the curator of this exhibit, states that [m]any of us are influenced by artists in many genres. Whether consciously or not we are often guided by the work and style of others. We asked a few artists to think about those influencers and develop work that would pay homage to their influence on the work we do in Second Life. It promises to be a great Sunday with fun openings and outstanding photography! Lastly, let me also mention here a new Flickr group created today by G o o d C r o s s, The Second Life Art Calendar.  This is a group to help us keep track of Second Life art gallery exhibits; thanks GC, a great idea!

Photograph of Maloe Vansant’s Sweet Venus currently at Nitroglobus Hall by Kate Bergdorf



The multi-artist exhibit Imagine opens today, Sunday, April 24, 2016, at 12 PM SLT at the DaphneArts Gallery with music by DJ ferdy. The 17 photographers participating are Angelika Corral, Anouk A., Bay Addens, Burk Bode, Good Cross, Hills, Io Bechir, Isa Messioptra, Jammie Hill, Joslyn Benson, Maloe Vansant, miu miu, miu, MM (Mysterr), Paola Mills, Senna Coronet, tutsy Navarathna and Zib Scaggs. This exhibit is really wonderful and I loved most of the photographs by this group of extremely talented artists. I liked the wide open space of the gallery also, it greatly contributes to the overall feel of this show. Curators Angelika Corall and Sheldon BR state about the exhibit that Imagine is a show that uses art, focused on promoting a peaceful communication, bringing together some great SL photographers from around the world. The metaverse Second Life is a community that, in its own unique way, resembles the “dream” which was eloquently presented by the English songwriter and performer John Lennon in his song “Imagine”, (1971). By this, Lennon, shared his dream of a world without border lines, where people could live in a brotherhood of man, with noting to live or to die for. The participating artists were invited to create an image using the song “Imagine” as inspiration. They shared their vision as dreamers, via their artistic images. The exhibit will be open until the end of May, make sure not to miss it!

Photograph by Tutsy Navarathna