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Is She a He?


Huckleberry Hax has written a new story. Most of you know Huck as a blogger of What the Huck?, a writer of several Second Life inspired acclaimed novels, novellas, short stories and poetry, as well as an avid in-world reader at literary events. For the past year or so he has also been a contributing writer and an integral part of my other blog, The Virtual Review. I just published there his newest, previously unpublished story, Is She a He? This work taps into issues surrounding gender and questions about sexuality, the setting, of course, is Second Life. Thank you, Huck, for contributing this!

Photograph by Huckleberry Hax

The Virtual Review New Contributor

ArtIt is my pleasure to let you know that we have a new The Virtual Review writer joining our team of contributors. The multitalented Artistik Oluja, aka Art, has her own blog, Cyber Twigs, and is also currently involved as the editor of the MU/Creativity journal at the Medici University project at LEA 23. She is in addition working on a book and has graciously agreed to share with us unpublished work that will later appear as part of her own publication. I just published two poems by Art on The Virtual Review blog; both are virtual world inspired works, one of the two is a Blackout Poem. Please take a look and enjoy.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf taken on Leka

New Virtual Review Contributors

vrlogo_002I’m excited to share with you here that my other blog, The Virtual Review, has new contributing writers (one of which I will introduce to you in a future blog post). The  fictional work of Mona Okiddo-Eberhardt was published just now; click the link above and check it out. Mona is known to many of you as the blogger of the Second Life© blog Living Virtually. Personal reasons and recent events led her to also consider fiction writing and she generously offered to let me share with you in The Virtual Review the previously unpublished chapter 3 of her fictional work Arianna. Mona notes that while her story is fictional, it is firmly based on true events of her life, physical and virtual. The previous two chapters of Arianna have been published on her blog Living Virtually (Chapter 1 – Bridge and Chapter 2 – A Cold Response).

Announcing New Blog: The Virtual Review


I am excited to announce that I am starting a new blog, The Virtual Review, in addition to The Bergdorf Reports blog. I am posting the first post today. The Virtual Review blog is about fiction, poetry, and visual arts in Second Life©. Additionally, there will be interviews with both emerging and established Second Life creators of all kinds. The blog is a promoter of originality and previously unpublished  submissions of fiction, poetry and essays on visual art by contributors are welcome. The first blog post is on the intriguing sim named the Spencer Museum of Art, which shows the installation Petrovsky Flux.  I have written a short essay on this work and the talented photographer, Helene Lytton, my friend, has taken the photographs.

Photograph above by Helene Lytton