junk. flea market finds preview for september arcade


junk. preview for september arcade

New junk. Flea Market Finds set preview for the September Arcade Gacha Event. Ten to collect (nine common and one rare). L$50 per play. Concertina Book Stool, Dirty Wash Board, Maggie’s Patio Chair (RARE; black, red, teal), Metal Churn Light (turns on and off), Pigeonhole Clock, Plan de Paris, Post Bag Cushion, Sign Basket, Vintage Basin, Vintage Perfume Tin. Old Shanty Boat by Soy.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Mickey Chair


New Mickey chair (part of three-piece metal junk collection) by junk. Mickey chair is 6 LI and contains 18 single animations. Also part of the set are a metal cabinet, which is 3 LI, and the bertie lamp, which is 1 LI, and turns on/off by touch. Available at Uber. House by Apple Fall Chelsea Townhouse.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf