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Kean Kelly, owner and designer of [ keke ], has been active creating in Second Life since 2006. I had bought some flowers in vases and a few pieces of furniture here and there, but never visited her store until today. The store building, which she also created, is just as special and dreamy as her products. Pale concrete walls, height windows and ceilings and a white-washed wooden plank floor envelop a selected group of her items. There is not a lot of stuff here, this is an airy space. Miss Kelly’s vases with flowers, little tables, chairs, sofas and other items are fine and delicate and have been created with the utmost attention to detail. There is a sense that her objects could easily break would one not handle them very gently. I highly recommend a visit to this store.

Lab Cones

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf





I am someone who does my own thing in Second Life. The gallery, blogging and photography I do independently and solely because they bring me pleasure. My gallery is not sponsored by anybody else and I my blog posts are not blogged for any specific stores. But this changed a bit today when we headed over to the junk. mainstore to pick up some things for the new house. I’ve been so preoccupied with these houses by POST by Van Auster and Apple Fall lately that I have failed to mention that a good chunk of my inventory also consists of the outstanding items by junk., co-owned and created by the talented Tab Tatham and Evan Keel. As those of you on Flickr may already be aware, many of my photographs display products by this store already, so when we bumped into Tab and Evan today at the main store I was utterly happy and excited to accept an invitation to join the junk. team of bloggers. A heads up, there will be even more blog posts and photographs with items by junk. coming up!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Shuffling Prims

Shuffling Prims

I didn’t think this would happen anytime soon, but I find myself in a position where I need to reduce the amount of prims I am using on my sim Nordan om Jorden. I decided to remove my beloved house Normandy, and the entire platform with the winter garden on which it is placed, and replace these with something less prim heavy. Those of you who follow this blog know that I am a bit obsessed with all things POST by Van Auster (here and here and here) and that a decision like this did certainly not come easy. Moreover, I have to confess that I have strayed; I purchased a house by Apple Fall. The talented Mr. Fall is of course also amongst my favorite designers, in fact, I don’t think I know of anybody who is not crazy about his work. Honestly though, I have always preferred his exquisite furniture and other smaller design objects over his buildings. While I always found his houses as beautiful as his smaller items, I also found them cramped and hard to move around in. This is not the case with the house that I got yesterday, the Old Manufactory. This is a perfect winter nest. In addition to adding some new stuff, I have moved some of the things I already had inside the Normandy into the new house so it still feels quite familiar. The platform is much smaller than the one I had previously, but it still totally serves the purpose of having a space outside the house where we can sit and walk around. This house is an incredible charmer with its huge windows, high ceilings, distressed wall materials, attention to detail and gorgeous wood floors. Thank you Apple Fall for making Second Life a more beautiful place to live. ♥

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

House and Home


I am kind of a homebody in real life and a little bit that way in the virtual world as well. My house in Second Life is important to me, partially because of esthetics, but also because it is the place that I can return to and call home. I have switched homes numerous times in the past, but my current house, The Normandy by Van Auster of POST, has been a constant for a while. Since my sim Nordan om Jorden is as of recently occupied by the gallery Berg by Nordan Art, the house is not on the ground, but sits on a platform in the sky. I thought I would not like this as much, but as it turns out, I actually prefer it. I find that while of course there is no water available or ground to terraform, the space itself is more intimate and manageable to design. I am already looking forward to in a month or so to re-design the space for winter.


But we visited then recently a beautiful sim with houses for rent and predictably I felt the pull once again to move. We decided to look at the homes. These were such beautiful buildings and attached were the prettiest gardens one could imagine and all designed by outstanding content creators in Second Life. It was perfection. We entered several houses and found that though really well constructed and  amazing looking from the outside, there were consistent problems with interior layout and very little space to move around. We kept falling down stairs and bumping into one another. In addition, lag was a problem. We learned that day that it doesn’t matter if the house design and the setting are both stunning, tight living quarters and difficulty moving because of lag are undesirable. Teleporting home and landing in a spacious and bright lag-free living room was a big relief.


My attachment to my home also has to do with permanence. There is something valuable about our own sense of history in this virtual world where time sometimes seems a little warped. It is important to me that the stack of books next to my laptop on my desk have been there for a while since it contributes to a sense of familiarity and homeliness. I should also mention here something about objects that have stood the test of time, specifically the classic builds  and objects by Van Auster. He figured out a long time ago that it was crucial to use only the finest textures and attend to the littles of details. Mr. Auster also realizes that avatars need interior space to move around. Finishing up writing this post, I realized I wrote a very similar post back in July about POST, where I am going on and on about the talented Van Auster just like I am here! It seems some things do not change.

House and Home

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf


ImpressionsI found my way to LEA 6 Impressions by Inara Pey, a visit long overdue. Most of us know Inara because of her blog, Living in a Modern World, which she started in 2007, making it one of the longest active blogs in Second Life. Keeping a blog involves visiting various destinations and taking photographs and some of the pictures and videos from Inara’s travels for her Second Life blog have become one part of the LEA 6 project. They are displayed throughout the house she designed and built for this sim and which is the second part of the project. I had no idea Inara was a builder! A landscape, consisting of trees, bushes, flowers, water and rock, surrounds her interpretation of a Twentieth Century American house, presumably the Fallingwater Edgar Kaufman house by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Inara’s house is beautifully constructed with great attention to detail and looks very much like the original (see below). A third part of the LEA 6 sim features sculptures and art by CioTToLiNa Xue. Clearly, even though photographs, videos, and sculptures are a part of this, it is the house that Inara designed and constructed that provides the anchor. Part of a sentence in one of Inara’s notecards struck a chord with me; she speaks of the house she built here as an interpretation of an iconic 20th American house which has made a significant impression on me over the years, but which I have as yet been unable to visit in the physical world. The LEA 6 Impressions is a good example I think of how we are able to realize in the  virtual world our real world dreams.


Photograph on top by Kate Bergdorf
Photograph on bottom from Frank Lloyd Wright archives

Home and Garden

314After much back and forth,  I finally settled on the Normandy for my new home, which I think ended up being a great choice. It is a rather small, but still spacious seeming house with lots of windows that lend a beautiful inside/outside kind of feel to it. I also ended up creating an outside space, which was quite time-consuming but very much worth it in the end. I especially love on the outside the gorgeous new Apple Fall Garden Walls and the majestic Oak Tree by Alex Bader. I had so much fun doing this and then went a little nuts taking photographs when I was done. I am posting them here.


Photographs by Kate Bergdorf


35I am in the midst of changing my home in Second Life again. I do this occasionally and enjoy looking for the right house.  Most of the time I end up with a build by Van Auster of POST. I’ve been trying to look for something else, but there is really no point. In this age of mesh and outstanding design, Van Auster’s builds still hold my attention (even though I am also partial to Scarlet Creative, I should mention here).  What is it about these builds that keep me getting back to them?  A few things. Thorough research of historical building design meticulously applied to inworld builds. Outstanding original textures. Thoughtful and tasteful selection of  buildings, furniture and accessories. Incredible attention to detail. I could go on and on. I know some people are complaining about the size of the POST builds not being proportionate to avatar size. There is also dissatisfaction that the builds are not made of mesh and still fairly prim heavy. Honestly, I don’t care about any of that, my next home will  be by Van Auster again; I’m deciding whether to get the Skyline Drive or the Normandy, both of which I have used as homes in the past. All I can say is bravo Mr. Auster, please continue doing what you are doing. Your products have stood the test of time and are treasured Second Life classics.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf


2I can’t think of any sim more peaceful than [NorderNey]. This pretty place has been put together by the talented Jacky Macpherson and has been open for quite a while now. The island is rather large, with many little spaces, each area offers something different. My favorite place to just hang out and daydream for a while is the freestanding one-room house with a terrace on the water created by Yacchan Clip of Y’s House.

1The inside of the house is sparsely and tastefully furnished; the mood is really set by the delicate sheer curtains swaying softly in the wind. Outside the house gentle waves brush up against the shore. So very beautiful. Teleport over and take a look if you haven’t been here already.

4Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

Ocho Tango Place

Snapshot_004I am a great admirer of the work by Oriolus Oliva of The Golden Oriole. One of his most beautiful builds has been used to house the Ocho Tango Place. The creator and owner of this place, Shee Malcolm, has done a wonderful job putting it together on the sim Blossom Land (which also houses the popular Digital Art). The inside of the build is sparsely decorated with a bar, a few seating areas and tango dance photographs on the wall; it truly feels like a tango place. The outside area is wide open and one has to climb a little hill at the landing area to get to the house itself, which I love. Lots of atmosphere to be had here, head over and take a look.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf


I thought I’d reblog the LTD announcement for the November/December 2014 Love to Decorate issue here. It is truly amazing to me how Second Life© design has improved so much for the better over the past two years. The LTD magazine team continues doing an incredible job selecting and presenting beautiful items to those of us who love design. Thank you LTD.

Love To Decorate

LTD NovDec 2014 Cover


Sit back, relax and enjoy our NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 ISSUE of LTD MAGAZINE.

This issue is full of amazing design inspirations for your home and the upcoming holidays. We also feature SECOND SPACES, take a trip to the 1920’s with JO YARDLEY, visit one of Second Life’s most exclusive resorts and much more.


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