Bye bye, snow

North will close on Thursday, March 1, for about two weeks for a warmer-weather-make-over. The snow will make room for greenery and a few new things will be added, but mostly everything will stay the same; it is important to me that the North ambience remains as is. Photography and music will continue being integral on North as well. The small North gallery, Nordan Art, will also remain as is. While North remains closed, we will open our new space, Orust.

When I started the North winter make-over back in November 2017, I had a few ideas about what I wanted to change, but mostly it was a process that enfolded as I went a long. Once the main structure had been put in place, friends chipped in and contributed ideas and the whole thing turned into something spontaneous and incredibly rewarding. The same is true now, I have a few ideas, but let’s see what happens!

There have been some incredible virtual images produced since the North winter-make-over last November (see North Flickr group). The pics depict experiences and moods of the visitors on the sim, highlighting the spirit of the place and adding to it a feeling of recognition and a sense of familiarity. Our weekly North Friday Pics will discontinue over the break, but then start again on Friday, March 23.

The North music stream has become meaningful part of the overall North experience. Since we started it, a handful of songs have been added weekly, many of them are suggestions by friends and North visitors, others picked by me. All the songs selected fit the North environment in one way or another, inspiring people who visit to take pics or to just stand around and dream a little. I will keep adding songs to the North music stream over the two-week break and send them out via the North inworld group as usual.

Nordan Art on North will continue with its new direction, a focus on fresh, talented photographers, many of them showing their work for the first time, in the small and intimate gallery space. Oyo‘s exhibit, There is Hope In Solitude, will continue through the end of March, followed by work by Edith and Wilmur Ogleby from April through June. Join the North inworld group for gallery updates and announcements.

Lastly, Axiomatic Clarity and myself have constructed a new space, Orust, that is inspired by the Swedish west coast. Axi is responsible for most of the outside, a place that has become remarkable and poetic with its fine details, while I ended up doing most of the inside design. This is our home in SL, but we are happy to open it up for a week or so to those of you who are interested in seeing it.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf


3 thoughts on “Bye bye, snow

  1. A bunch of amazing news! 😉
    I really love North under snow, but I would be very happy to see in places, the promise of an enchanted spring to come! Bon vent for this period of change.

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