Je n’aime pas

The two-day opening of Je n’aime pas, a concept and performance exhibit by Nur Moo and Hern Worsley, curated by Sheldon Bergman and Angelika Corall at DaphneArts, took place on February 9 and 10, 2018. The exhibit will remain open for at least another month. This is a large installation, spanning over three levels, containing virtual imagery, video screenings, floating pac mans, interactive poses, as well as larger constructs like metal scaffolding and a small house. We had gone to a very vibrant opening on February 9 and headed over again to take a look today.

[2018/02/19 11:41] Axiom: I was thinking about this place, we have seen much of it plus the music event the other night, which was interesting, techno and whatnot. And Oyo’s yellow dress, I remember that. And a dead man on the floor who was in some way trying to grab the dancer’s feet.
[2018/02/19 11:41] Axiom: This is very eclectic, in a very Italian way
[2018/02/19 11:42] Kate: it is
[2018/02/19 11:42] Kate: there are three levels?
[2018/02/19 11:42] Axiom: yes
[2018/02/19 11:42] Axiom: but as you can see the structure is built on a rock, an asteroid
[2018/02/19 11:43] Kate: i see
[2018/02/19 11:43] Axiom: with metal structures either keeping it together or hanging on it
[2018/02/19 11:44] Kate: a multilevel, multi dimensional work consisting of various structures, interactive objects as well as virtual images
[2018/02/19 11:44] Axiom: The huge robotic crow on top seems to confirm that whatever is left of nature has been duplicated in mechanical form
[2018/02/19 11:44] Kate: ahahah
[2018/02/19 11:44] Axiom: yes
[2018/02/19 11:44] Axiom: but the pictures are presented in all sort of way
[2018/02/19 11:45] Axiom: one can’t say they are presented in a futuristic context unless for Nur the context of the future is a mix of everything
[2018/02/19 11:45] Kate: yeah i like the way its done, feels random
[2018/02/19 11:45] Kate: agreed
[2018/02/19 11:46] Axiom: on one column the pictures, a portrait of her, are replicated along the height, on another the pics are dripping down, to your right, where the two soft chairs are
[2018/02/19 11:46] Kate: and then there are a few places where they are mounted in a more traditional way
[2018/02/19 11:46] Kate: some are very beautiful
[2018/02/19 11:46] Axiom: yes, I think she feels a need to balance it

[2018/02/19 11:47] Kate: there is a balance here that feels unorthodox and alive
[2018/02/19 11:48] Axiom: Nur has always been… she has been around a long time in SL… very humanistic just like Paola Tauber but at the same time infused with a futuristic if somewhat ironic enthusiasm
[2018/02/19 11:48] Axiom: this sounds post-modern, doesn’t it
[2018/02/19 11:48] Kate: yes dear lol
[2018/02/19 11:48] Kate: but i think it captures what we see here
[2018/02/19 11:49] Kate: a quiet, contained, futuristic chaos
[2018/02/19 11:49] Axiom: I think the event being enveloped inside dance act the opening night [and a subsequent night] says everything about the mood: strobo flashing of past and future, a flexible soul, a human mixer
[2018/02/19 11:50] Kate: nods
[2018/02/19 11:50] Axiom: to the right of this picture here she puts the generator
[2018/02/19 11:50] Kate: what do you make of it?
[2018/02/19 11:50] Axiom: I don’t know if you can see it
[2018/02/19 11:50] Kate: i can
[2018/02/19 11:51] Axiom: what I make of it is that there is no more order, no more values… all that is left are games of juxtaposition, everything is a game
[2018/02/19 11:51] Axiom: new values come out of old games
[2018/02/19 11:52] Kate: but doesn’t seem that the new values are yet defined, but still in the making
[2018/02/19 11:52] Kate: hence the sense of chaos
[2018/02/19 11:52] Axiom: yes

Photograph 1 by Kate Bergdorf
Photograph 2, 3, 4 by Axiomatic Clarity

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