one family and art

Having an art sim I am fortunate enough to get to know the people who exhibit their work there. Everybody has a story and for a short moment we become part of each others’ stories. Some of the stories linger, or come to an end, others keep evolving. As of late, I find myself becoming a small part of a story so rich and meaningful that I want to share a part of it here. This is the story of a Portuguese family consisting of Meilo Minotaur, CapCat Ragu, Takio Ra and Rita Eustáquio. Meilo, in the middle in photo above, is the mother of CapCat, left in the photo. CapCat and Takio (right in the photo) are married and have a daughter, Rita. Rita does not yet have an avatar, and is not depicted above, but rumor has it that she is thinking about creating one soon. Meilo  and CapCat have been producing art in Second Life since 2008. Most of you probably know them as the creators of the sim Delicatessen. As of this year, they are also permanent resident artists at Berg by Nordan Art. Their first installation, in January 2017, was Penumbra and opening tomorrow, The Swamp. Remarkably, all four contribute to these installations. It is a joint family art project. While CapCat and Meilo create the visible work (terraforming, building, avatars, etc.), Takio is responsible for the sound and Rita does voice. The Swamp is dark and unsettling, a powerful metaphor for fascism inspired by Cap’s and Meilo’s first hand revolution and post-revolution experiences in Portugal; I’ve been told that sound and voice are a particularly important aspect of this work, so when you visit, please make sure to turn it on.

CapCat (Catarina Carneiro de Sousa) successfully defended her thesis Virtual Corporeality and Shared Creativity and received her PhD in April this year. She also published an article, Mom and Me Through the Looking Glass, in Metaverse Creativity in 2012. Her article examines the collaborative work of CapCat and Meilo in Second Life, integrating the notion of shared creativity; [t]he aim is to describe and analyse their cooperative creative process from the perspective of one of the artists/authors, walking through three artistic works that were made in the Second Life® region of Delicatessen: ‘de Maria, de Mariana, de Madalena…’, ‘Petrified’ and ‘Meta_Body’. These projects reflect two aspects of the artists’ work on the one hand avatar art, and on the other the creation of virtual environments. The text also reflects on the concept of shared creativity, which the artists propose through their avatar creations. The article is worth reading in its entity as it is a great source of information for Second Life residents, artist and non-artists alike. It is also beautifully written and in so many ways mirrors the work by Cap and Meilo that we see in-world.  To me, the work of these two women (and Takio and Rita) reflects the essence of metaverse creativity and, no doubt, they are virtual world artist pioneers. I leave you here with a quote from the first part of CapCat’s article:

We are two metaverse avatars. We are also mother and daughter; I am CapCat Ragu and Meilo Minotaur is my mother in real life. We are both artists, and as artists it seems that all through our lives we have been dealing with the same issues that we are now working on together in the Metaverse. When I was a little girl I used to love the Carnival holiday. In Portugal this is a time to dress up, and to imagine ourselves as the other… I remember my mother staying up all night working on these amazing seethrough butterfly wings for me. I think that these were the first avatars we ever made together.


Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

14 thoughts on “one family and art

  1. what a wonderful post about this family. Though I’m a bit peripheral within the metaverse I am a traveler and a storyteller myself and love hearing about the journeys of others. What an amazing family. I will be visiting this installation and I’ve bookmarked the article. What a great title.

  2. I remember the first artistic work I saw was “de Maria, de Mariana, de Madalena…” I enjoyed to spend time merged in this installation, wearing the avatars of Maria, Mariana, Madalena…
    Metabody project stays also in my memory until this day as a such amazing collaborative, participative and shareable project!
    When I discovered the opensimulator metaverse too, I was happy to meet their work there too at Craft grid like the “Europe” installation ( ). I enjoyed also the way they gave a chance to young artists to discover virtuality and the great tool of creation it can be through the artwork of Paula Abreu “PainLines” (
    I m always enchanted to may see a new artwork from the family on Second Life or Craft grid. The thing I appreciate the most is this link between reality and virtuality. How they show that virtuality is just an extended room of our reality, a such creative room with true, strong and positive connexions with our reality.
    In few words, I was, and I stay a big fan of their artworks.
    Thank you Kate for this wonderful sharing!

    1. Thanks very much for you comment, Praline. I am with you, I have been a fan for a long time. I consider myself so very fortunate now to have to opportunity to show their work on my sim.

    2. Thank you Praline, and for remember prople about Craft and OpenSim, how wonderful it would be to have more people visiting!

      1. My pleasure! And I know what you mean about visiting in Opensim metaverse…. But it deserves great installations like yours, that is a part of its maybe … future. 😉

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