There is a new exhibit, overviews by the French artist ◦⊱Mi⊰◦, at the beautiful dathuil, curated by Lucy Diamond and Max Butoh. The show will be open until the end of November. This dathuil exhibit is especially close to my heart as ◦⊱Mi⊰◦ is also currently showing her exhibit L’avion en Papier at Berg by Nordan Art. I was unfortunately unable to attend the dathuil opening, but headed over today to take a look. Disbursed over the two floors of the gallery are eighteen large images. In between we find ladders (with poses), created by Livio Korobase; it is a nice touch this connection between the worlds of these two artists, we see it at Berg by Nordan Art currently also. On the ground floor we find four photographs depicting the avatar in various positions, embedded in color. On the second floor are another fourteen images, large, colorful, abstract. I adore the colors used by ◦⊱Mi⊰◦, I truly believe this is her hallmark; clear colors, beautiful in the way they are combined. ◦⊱Mi⊰◦ notes about this exhibit that [t]o make and exhibition is much more than to show my images, it is also to have a project, to think about it, to build it, to share with others and it making sense. Every look on our work is a particular look and obviously interesting. I don’t pretend to be an artist, I am just a sensitive person who likes to create images. My exhibition at Dathuil is named Overviews because it is a panel of pictures showing abstracts and more realistic topics. Head over and take a look at this exhibit before it closes in a few weeks, you will not want to miss it.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf


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