flickr and art


Now and then we notice in our Flickr community commentary about certain photographs not being art. Some of these comments are nice, some are not so nice. These comments generally posit that images of nudity and sex are more popular and as they are thus favored more often and get more comments they must then not really be art. I will not get into here what is art and what is not art, but just suggest that images posted on Flickr are both and neither. Flickr is a unique modern phenomenon that is hard to define. It is a platform for creativity and some photographs are clearly better than others. It is also a community, a place where we exchange and express our experiences in the virtual world. Flickr has different meanings for different people. Personally, I like Flickr because others inspire me; I learn from them. I post my photos for feedback and it is unimportant to me whether or not my images are considered art or not. It just doesn’t matter that much. Many of us get excited when we see an image we like and can relate to and we give it a comment and a star. Why is this perceived by some as being so wrong? It has perhaps something to do with the strange phenomenon that the images created by people who consider themselves artists usually get less stars and less comments. I don’t know why some of the more artistic pictures get less attention on Flickr and I have wondered about it myself. Could it also be that some virtual world artists feel frustrated by a general lack of recognition, not only on Flickr but also inworld, and are in fact envious of some Flickr photographers getting more attention (i.e, Flickr stars, comments, followers) than they themselves do? Just saying.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

art in november


There is plenty of art to be seen in SL in November. Currently at my own gallery, Berg by Nordan Art, we have The Joy Formidable, by Livio Korobase, and L’avion en Papier, by ◦⊱Mi⊰◦, both open until the end of the year. My first stop on my gallery tour this morning then was the recently opened From here on there be dragons, by Alpha Auer, curated by Dividini Shostakovich, at Split Screen Installation Space. The installation will be open until the end of January 2017. First off, let me just say, nobody does gold in SL like Alpha Auer (previously covered here). This installation consists of several large golden dragons, mirrored in the renaissance map surface below, and surrounded by modern geometric black structures. Alpha notes that [w]hen Medieval and Renaissance map makers got to the edge of the world, they used to write “beyond this place there be dragons,” meaning dangerous or unexplored territories that sailors should beware of before attempting to cross into them. This was expressed by the visual practice of putting dragons, sea serpents and other mythological creatures in uncharted areas of maps. In this installation I have used a Renaissance map, a leaf from Abraham Ortelius’s “Theatrum Orbis Terrarum,” as the floor of a dark, geometric architecture which floats high in the sky, depicting an abstract, reflected world guarded by tangibly real-looking dragons. Alpha Auer, aka Elif Ayiter, is a designer, educator and researcher, you can read more about what she does on her website.


My second gallery stop was the exhibit Always Closer, by the French artist Lil’ Frenchie elo, curated by Dido Haas at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery. The exhibit will be open until the end of December 2016. Here we find sixteen large photographs, mostly studies of BDSM, beautifully put together and quite expressive. Elo notes that [s]ubmission is the ability to give the best of you to the one you love, without any questioning about the reasons of this love. It’s there, that’s all and you must show it, you must say it, and get Always Closer to it, because life is too short. Great job putting this together Elo, congratulations.


At MetaLES, curated by Ux Hax and Romy Nayar, is still open on the ground the installation Tumor by Igor Ballyhoo. In the MetaLES sky space can be found the exhibit, Tout Est Allume, by  Tutsy Navarathna. This is a compilation of 16 machinima and 19 animated shorts by Tutsy. About this exhibit, he notes that [a] friend of mine, Etienne Armand Amato, once mentioned this: It’s because we only have one life we need . . . several. Virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual life, immersive worlds … These new words describe a part of our future. My movies in Second Life try to show how virtuality is part of our reality. The influence it has on our thoughts, our artistic creations, our friendly or romantic relationships. A phenomenon still very young, virtual life has a bright future and like all major revolutions it is worth to see more closely, trying to understand, even flying too close to the sun and burn your wings . . . The show will be open until the end of the year.


Lastly, we have an exhibit an multi-artist exhibit by Maloe Vansant, Fingers Scintilla and Dixmix Source at the DIXMIX Gallery, which opens tomorrow, Wednesday, November 23 at 12 PM SLT. Head over to the opening if you can, it promises to be a great exhibit by these three talented photographers.

Photograph on top by Kate Bergdorf

best second life galleries 2016


As the year gradually comes to an end, it is time for my list of the fifteen best second life art galleries again. Just like my Best Second Life Galleries 2015 list, this is a completely subjective compilation, which includes both in-house galleries and large sim-installation spaces showing only SL art. I am considering for the gallery list the quality of the art shown in the gallery, the curator investment and dedication to the gallery itself and, finally, the uniqueness of the gallery build or space. Like last year, I am only including galleries that exhibit artists on a rotating basis. Some of the galleries that were on last year’s list are still there. Others have been removed to make room for new ones. Just like last year, I apologize in advance for not having included all galleries and I also may have missed some that in fact should have made the list. If anyone thinks that a gallery should be on this list, but it is not, please contact me. Let me just mention here also that the arts are still alive and kicking in SL! Noteworthy for the year of 2016 is I think that we have seen an influx of excellent smaller galleries showing photography and, sadly, a decline in larger spaces showing installations. Below please find in alphabetical order the Best Second Life Galleries 2016 list.

Name: ArtSpace at UTSA Gallery
Curator/Owner: constructivIST Solo
About: Gallery space and full-sim installation area

Name: Berg by Nordan Art
Curator/Owner: Kate Bergdorf
About: Gallery space and full-sim installation area

Name: Crossworlds Gallery
Curator/Owner: Fabilene Cortes
About: Multi-gallery complex

Name: DaphneArts Gallery
Curator/Owner: Angelika Corral and Sheldon
About: Gallery Space

Name: dathuil Gallery of Art
Curators/Owners: Max Butoh and Lucy Diamond
About: Gallery space

Name: Hills Gallery
Curator/Owner: Hills
About: Gallery space

Name: KaFu Ato gallery at Hafenviertel
Curator/Owner: Katy Amano/Wintergeist
About: Gallery Space

Name: Lollygagger Art Center
Curator/Owner: Chrissssy
About: Gallery Space

Name: MetaLES
Curators/Owners: Ux Hax and Romy Nayar
About: Full-sim installation area

Name: Nitroglobus Roof Gallery (former Nitroglobus)
Curator/Owner: Dido Haas
About: Gallery space

Name: Split Screen Installation Space
Curator/Owner: Dividni Shostakovitch
About: Half-sim installation space

Name: Tart Gallery
Curator/Owner: Byrne Darkly Cazalet
About: Gallery space

Name: The Galleries (NORTH, WEST, and EAST)
Curator/Owner: Ernie Farstrider
About: Multi-gallery complex

Name: The Pretentious Gallery (former Broad Street Gallery)
Curator/Owner: Isa Missantropa
About: Gallery space

Name: The White Canvas Gallery
Curator/Owner: G o o d c r o s s
About: Gallery space

winter trace


The Winter Trace sim, by renowned landscaper and decorator team Kylie Jaxxon and Elvira Kytori, is now open. It was fun visiting today, bumping into many Flickr photographers who most I assume were there for the same reason that I was, namely to take photos. There was actually a kind of tangible excitement in the air, at least I thought so! Some of us were not at all dressed for the cold weather and zoomed home and put on proper attire and then returned, inspired. A gentle but steady snowfall falls over hills and valleys here, covering roof tops and trees with a gentle layer of snow. The trademark Trace sim combination of various kinds of grass, trees and other kinds of vegetation mix beautifully here with fabulous builds. There are of course plenty of poses to use here too. Head over and take a look, enjoy and make sure to post your pics in The Trace Flickr group.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf



There is a new exhibit, overviews by the French artist ◦⊱Mi⊰◦, at the beautiful dathuil, curated by Lucy Diamond and Max Butoh. The show will be open until the end of November. This dathuil exhibit is especially close to my heart as ◦⊱Mi⊰◦ is also currently showing her exhibit L’avion en Papier at Berg by Nordan Art. I was unfortunately unable to attend the dathuil opening, but headed over today to take a look. Disbursed over the two floors of the gallery are eighteen large images. In between we find ladders (with poses), created by Livio Korobase; it is a nice touch this connection between the worlds of these two artists, we see it at Berg by Nordan Art currently also. On the ground floor we find four photographs depicting the avatar in various positions, embedded in color. On the second floor are another fourteen images, large, colorful, abstract. I adore the colors used by ◦⊱Mi⊰◦, I truly believe this is her hallmark; clear colors, beautiful in the way they are combined. ◦⊱Mi⊰◦ notes about this exhibit that [t]o make and exhibition is much more than to show my images, it is also to have a project, to think about it, to build it, to share with others and it making sense. Every look on our work is a particular look and obviously interesting. I don’t pretend to be an artist, I am just a sensitive person who likes to create images. My exhibition at Dathuil is named Overviews because it is a panel of pictures showing abstracts and more realistic topics. Head over and take a look at this exhibit before it closes in a few weeks, you will not want to miss it.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

iris skirt and sweater


 New Iris skirt in colors Army Tweed, Brown Tweed, Burgundy Tweed, Cream, Grey Tweed, Ivory, Light Grey Tweed, Navy, Onyx, Powder Tweed, Purple Tweed, Rust Tweed and White Tweed. Iris sweater in colors Army, Burgundy, Cream, Dar Grey, Ice, Ivory, Light Grey, Navy, Not from – Navy, Not from – Rose, Onyx, Rust, Sonia R and Taupe. Both by Clef de Peau for Sad November. Tangerine Busby bar stool by junk.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf