west of the rain


I’ve visited several times now West of the Rain and also posted photos on Flickr, but never blogged about this sim. The time has come! I can’t speak highly enough of this destination, put together by Oobleck Alagash and Nodnol Jameson, and inspired by the San Juan Islands in Washington State. The winding roads, the selection and variety of trees, and the carefully selected objects come together here to create a breathtaking and inspiring whole. You will find a little town center, a harbor, an athletic club complete with a locker room, a recently added surgeons office, several smaller builds nested in the landscape and much more. There are plenty of seating with poses, including couples, dispersed all over the sim. Finally, please enter your photos in the current photo exhibit that will close on September 21, read more about it here. Above is my contribution to the contest and a tribute to the last days of summer. Thank you very much to Oobleck and Nodnol for  opening their very beautiful place for us all to explore.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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