submerged: an immersive experience


There is a new exhibit, Submerged: An Immersive Experience, by Elizabeth FYB (aka Elizabeth Nantes), curated by G o o d C r o s s, currently on display at The White Canvas Gallery. The opening was on September 7 and I think the show will probably be open to the public for at least a month. This magical underwater exhibit consists of a collection of photographs of avatars moving, swimming, and floating under water, all displayed in a tank. The images, in shades of greens and blues, are simply exquisite. Various kinds of fish, swirling golden forest lanterns, various sizes of bubbles, a white swan and a platypus all contribute to the overall immersive experience of floating and being enveloped by water here. One can tell that an enormous amount of thought, planning and work has been put into this show. Bravo, E., such creativity and such amazing and very playful use of fantasy! As a side note, whilst floating through the gallery earlier today a song got stuck in my head, couldn’t stop humming a long. I thought I’d share it here with you. Head over and take a look at this exhibit if you haven’t already, you will not regret it!

Photograph of E.’s image by Kate Bergdorf

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