all is quiet now


I managed to catch the very tail-end of the opening of the new exhibit all is quiet now by photographer Joslyn Benson, showing from September 7 until the end of the month at dathuil. I was lucky enough to bump into the artist herself, who was lingering on one of the red velvet sofas in the main gallery exhibit hall, catching her breath with a group of friends. We got into talking about the exhibit a bit, about how putting together something like this is an arduous, yet satisfying process that for an extended period of time requires ones attention both inside and outside of Second Life. The theme of this very beautiful dathuil exhibit, consisting of seventeen black and white photographs and in one color, is a reflective one, touching upon contemplative conditions such as solitude and stillness. Each image depicts single or multiple subjects, clothed or nude, touchingly capturing the essence of silence and quiet states. Joslyn notes that [s]ilence…the absence of sound, silence the placidity of mind… silence the sense of being. Moments of stillness where all that’s left is our own thoughts… and to find comfort in unspoken words. Head over and take a look at this thoughtfully put together collection of photographs, curated by Lucy Diamond and Max Butoh. You will not want to miss it.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf


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