I haven’t blogged about places that I like in a while, but here is one now. There is a newish sim, Arranmore, put together by the talented Lauren Bentham, that I very much enjoyed visiting. There is something eerie and dark about this place, reflected in the carefully selected objects that all in their own way contribute to the general mood. I also like that some of the builds selected here are by lesser known builders and are not the same houses we repeatedly keep seeing on other sims. Visitors will be offered a free flashlight upon arrival, which can be used to further enhance the gloomy ambience on this sim. The sim itself is fictional, but the name Arranmore is derived from an island with the same name located off the west coast of Ireland. Lauren notes that [t]he island of Arranmore, is today, a sleepy, almost deserted island, but was once a thriving community, small, but very active. The fishing port was the main source of income for the islanders, but they also relied heavily upon the investment from Lord & Lady Inman, who were the owners of the large manor house in the centre of the island. Many years ago, Lord & Lady Inman, along with their 2 children, took a holiday, and seemed to vanish off the face of the earth. To this day, no-one knows why, or what happened to them. This was a heavy blow to the community, who relied on Lord Inmans investments, and slowly, over the years, Arranmore fell into decline. Today, it has a handful of die hard residents who remain, but little is seen of them. Strange things began to happen on the island, which seemed to drive many people away. So, here we are today, still a beautiful and scenic island, but with few inhabitants. A manor house, that has not been lived in for years, and what seems like a dark, eerie cloud, hanging over the island. Joining the Arranmore group for a fee of L$175 will provide rez rights; auto-return is set to one day. Do head over and take a look at this beautifully put-together sim. Remember to bring your camera and post your photos in the Arranmore Flickr group.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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