two august installations


There are two very different and very great installations that should not be missed this month; Cica Ghost’s Them and Giovanna Cerise’s Variations on the Magic Flute on LEA 21. Cica’s work consists of an enormous group of figures gathered in the middle of a sim and hovering above them, a space ship. There is some brown grass too and terraforming of the ruggedly brown colored textured ground. That’s it. This sparsity of surrounding objects somehow contributes to the sense of primitiveness of the figures and standing amongst them one feels like part of the group. There is a sense of waiting here, of foreboding, an expecting of something to occur.


The second installation, Variations on the Magic Flute, by Giovanna is the first in a series called Soul of Colors. This multi-level interactive fractal installation explores various facets of Mozart’s Magic Flute and was on display once before in 2012. There is a gentleness and fragility to Giovanna’s work that gets to me again and again. This work is no different and a continuation of the musical theme that this artist used once before (see Tristan und Isolde). In a notecard available at the landing point are guidelines on how to best navigate the space and we learn that [t]he installation unfolds in a series of environments full of references, allusions and allegories, in an infinite game of layers that overlap and intersect. 1. It is best to explore the installation simply walking through, but you get a good effect also flying between locations and by inserting the mouse look. 2. You can listen some the citations of the work by clicking on musical notes, located in strategic points and allow to activate the music in World . 3. The immersion is also stimulated by the use of poses that encourage interactivity with the work.

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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