Forest of Scissors

forest of scisscors

Open to the public only for a limited period of time, Igor Ballyhoo’s Forest of Scissors can now be seen at LEA 7. This is without doubt one of the finest art installations I have laid my eyes on in the virtual world to date and I am so pleased to see it on display again. Upon arrival on this site, one finds oneself amongst a gigantic field of scissors. There is a surreal sense of feeling lost or perhaps of being haunted here, an immersive experience that could only have been put together by a visionary creator like the talented Mr. Ballyhoo. I talked to Igor about this work for our interview for The Virtual Review a few years back and he noted [t]hat was one weird dream that I had. I dreamed I was walking through the desert and all around me were these huge scissors that were falling from the sky. One of things that was the most impressive in the dream was the sound of the wind that went over the sharp scissor edges. I was not able to reproduce that sound in any way, so for me Forest of Scissors was never completed. Head over and take a look and bring your camera!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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