small town living


I revisited Crestwick today. This is one of those places that one can count on never changing and I think it is exactly this sense of consistence which brings people back. A small working class town, with a downtown center (including The Pretentious Gallery), residential district, municipal district, a lagoon, and most recently added beach and public pool, this place is true to style. Upon arrival one stands in front of the Municipality of Crestwick Visitor Center, basically a map with teleports. This provides a great overview of Crestwick, use it! I spent most of my morning exploring this place all over again and I enjoyed it just as much this time as I had the first time I blogged about it. The careful attention to detail and the effort that has been put into maintaining a sense of authenticity here are impressive. When you visit and take photos, make sure to include them in the Crestwick Flickr group.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

3 thoughts on “small town living

  1. Crestwick Island is one of my favorite places in sl ever, I feel there like at home. I do agree you, it is wonderfuly made, with a great taste, everything looks nice , many details, I love even the windlight there, Though there is a sense of consistence, you can find there now and then many new little surprises. 🙂

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