Maloe Vansant at Berg by Nordan Art

Maloe Vansant at Berg by Nordan Art

We have a Maloe Vansant two-exhibit extravaganza coming up at Berg by Nordan Art. The opening is this Sunday, July 10, 2016 at 12 PM SLT and the exhibit will be open to the public through September.  One artist showing her work both in the small gallery and on the ground is a first for Berg by Nordan Art. I can’t think of anybody who could possibly pull this off better than the talented Maloe with her two exhibits Yesterday: Retrospective and Close Ups of a Doll. In the first space, the gallery in the sky, we find a retrospective, a fine collection of photography never before seen by the public. Maloe choses the words in Emily Dickinson’s poem Yesterday is History to capture this exhibit.

Yesterday is History,
‘Tis so far away –
Yesterday is Poetry –
‘Tis Philosophy –

Yesterday is mystery –
Where it is Today
While we shrewdly speculate
Flutter both away

In the second exhibit space on the ground, usually reserved for large installations, we find Maloe’s second collection of photographs Close Ups of a Doll. These are all new photographs depicting close-ups of avatars, inspired by our perception of the avatar as a doll. The images so very beautifully capture the spirit of the work of Maloe and in every single one we recognize her uniquely sophisticated style. Come join us tomorrow for opening, our Nordan Art House DJ Eif, aka d-oo-b, will spin his masterfully put together tunes. Finally, many thanks here also to Burk Bode for his invaluable assistance putting this exhibit together.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf


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