The Cat’s House on the Hill



Mich Michabo has opened for a short time period to the public a part of her Michabode land a small parcel that she has named The Cat’s House on the Hill. This is a remarkable place, a gathering of cats, that should not be missed. On a high hill, nested amongst mountains and trees, we find a little two-story cardboard house with a slanted roof and a chimney. Inside there are four rooms, connected by a staircase. Many, very many, cats of all shapes and sizes, live side by side here. Some are sleeping, a few are watching TV or surfing the internet, and others are up to some mischief. There is a Pippi-Longsockingesque feel to this lovely and whimsical place that must be experienced in person. Head over and take a look and if you take pics, please post them on Flickr. Thanks Mich for sharing with all of us this very unique kitty-extravaganza!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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