The way we are


I’ve been thinking. You know how we second life people always say that time goes so fast here? Like one or two months in second life are like one year in real life, something like that. There is a sense of distortion of time here. Could it perhaps be that this pertains to our feeling states also, that feelings like love and hate are warped in some way as well? In other words, projections and fantasies that influence our sense of time here similarly have an impact on our emotions. If this is indeed the case that our feeling states are in some way intensified in second life, that when we love there is a sense that we love more and when we hate our hate is perceived as stronger. Interestingly then, as our feeling states are experienced as more pronounced here, there is also a great opportunity to look at more difficult behaviors, try to resolve them, learn from them and grow. Just saying. Maybe I’m just thinking too much. 😛

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

13 thoughts on “The way we are

  1. Your questions are really thoughtful ones, Kate. Everything does seem to be curiously intensified, heightened and quickened in Second Life. Not always a troublesome thing! 🙂 But it’s really fascinating how that happens; I wonder what inspires the quickened state? Maybe because there seems to be so little permanence on the grid, with regions often closing or changing, people coming and going, always a new event just opening or about to close … Definitely an interesting thing to ponder!

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful response Ever. I agree with what you say about impermanence very much, but want to add too that our projections and fantasies probably also greatly impact how we live here. And of course not always a troublesome thing at all, I think the sense of things generally being intensified is also a big part of why we like it so much here! ❤

  2. Thinking too much can be tiresome sometimes, but not in your case, or in this particular case. I agree with what you say, and also think that this is true for some traits in people, which is perhaps what you refer to when you mention difficult behaviors. The nature of SL leads us most of all to conversation, anything that happens is through conversation which can lead you to really know a person to their core, and also yourself. But it is up to each person to get that knowledge, internalize it and use it in a way that is positive and that leads to growth. We can’t control that in others, just ourselves. What you write here reflects the way you handle that, you see opportunity where others might not and that’s a beautiful thing.
    Keep thinking too much! It results in lovely posts.. ❤ 🙂

    1. Thanks for your insightful comment Lucy. Yes, personality traits is exactly what I am referring to here. It seems that our own and others’ both positive and negative traits are intensified in second life. I think probably most people in second life need to become more aware of this, especially perhaps in their interactions with others. Glad you like the post and I am always very happy to read your great comments my friend! ❤ ❤

  3. Dear Kate, Your observations regarding the relationship of emotions intensified in SL is very penetrating and flirts with the metaphysical realm. Very thought provoking! I often find myself “dialing it down,” so as not to spill my surging emotions on others, something i would rarely if ever do in that other realm called rl.

  4. Yes, it’s strange. On SL, we do not have our real body and accordingly we are living in a dream, closer to our impulses. Our avatar protects us and allows us to express our feelings more openly, more intensely. Time stops, we live in the moment. Paradoxically, it seems that the emotions in SL, as intense as they are, are also more ephemeral, more fleeting. Again as in our dreams: “I had a wonderful dream Oh I do not remember it escapes me … I still have a strange feeling of well-being or ill-being!!! . Thanks for your posts, Kate.

    1. Thanks for your interesting comment Lascott. Yes, there are so many aspects to how we experience time and emotions in the virtual world. I think we are only really scratching the surface when it comes to understanding it all. For now we are left to figuring it out as we go along! Feedback like this is always helpful. :))

  5. Feelings being warped in some way or the other- spellbinding to think such possibilities! Reminds me of the movie “Interstellar” where Anne Hathaway in one of the scenes, said that love can possibly be another dimension. Intense!

  6. Just as you suggest, I think that feeling states are more pronounced in SL. Probably has something to do both with the compression of time that you mention and with that slightly surreal sense of wonder that SL encases us in. After having been around the block once or twice I agree that we should be able to learn from that intensification, patterns that become more familiar with experience, etc, but as with all things human the question is more “do we wish to learn” than “can we learn”.

    I’m sorry that your relationship ended by the way, the pain in those moments is never trivial. But I hope it leads you to speculate more on the meaning of relationships in SL. Fascinating turf that it is…

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