Three shows this Sunday!


I am happy to report that Second Life art galleries continue to thrive. This Sunday, May 15, 2016, we have three excellent exhibits (and there are probably more), all opening pretty much exactly at the same time… The [Enlightenment] show, by Cicciuzzo Gausman, curated by Mareea Farrasco, opens at the IMAGO gallery at 12 PM SLT (read more about it here). The exhibit Postcards from the Subconsious, by Maloe Vansant and Burk Bode, curated by Dido Haas, opens at Nitroglobus Hall at 12:30PM SLT. Maloe and Burk note that [t]his exhibition is like a child. It was planned friendly and glamorous. But as always our unconsciousness send us postcards. Feelings like bubbles coming up that told us we had to make just this picture and no other. So at the end our child is not what we planned it to be. It became somebody dark and nasty. Looking at us like a misbehaving child and telling us: ‘I don’t like you’. Astonished we answer: ‘but we love you and we made you!?!’ Our child turned out to be somebody else: dark, coz it emerged from the dark sides of our souls. Sticking out its tongue and smiling at us boldly. But we still love it …  It is also my pleasure to let you know here that Maloe Vansant has agreed to show her photographs at Berg by Nordan Art in 2017. Please be on the lookout for announcements.


The show In the spirit of…., a group show featuring Amona SaviraBay AddensDr. StrangeloveIsa MessioptraJordan Giant.kikiLyndzey MelliPaola MillsSenna Coronet and Tutsy Navarathna, opens at the Broadstreet Gallery also at 12 PM SLT. Senna Coronet, the curator of this exhibit, states that [m]any of us are influenced by artists in many genres. Whether consciously or not we are often guided by the work and style of others. We asked a few artists to think about those influencers and develop work that would pay homage to their influence on the work we do in Second Life. It promises to be a great Sunday with fun openings and outstanding photography! Lastly, let me also mention here a new Flickr group created today by G o o d C r o s s, The Second Life Art Calendar.  This is a group to help us keep track of Second Life art gallery exhibits; thanks GC, a great idea!

Photograph of Maloe Vansant’s Sweet Venus currently at Nitroglobus Hall by Kate Bergdorf

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