+Follow Your Bliss+

Follow your bliss

There is a very lovely place called +Follow Your Bliss+ that I finally found time to visit. Created by talented photographer and distinguished former Golden Paper Crown Queen Elizabeth FYB, this is a destination that should not be missed. Meadows, a few large trees, small houses and plenty of seating areas can be found here. But most of all this place feels like a nautical space with its cliffs and shores and many little boats. I truly enjoyed wandering around and discovering new things at each bend here; there is a mellowness and sense of peace that is hard to miss. I ended up spending quite a bit of time in a little hut at the water. It was so tranquil, I could just not leave. Head over and take a look at this beautiful sim. If you take photos, please post them in the +Follow Your Bliss+ Flickr group.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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