I’m Me, Mich

I'm Me, Mich

Mich Michabo had her 11th rezz-day on April 11, 2016 and we all didn’t realize, including herself. Mich is someone who I have come to know a bit over the past months and I feel fortunate to be her friend. Not only is she one of the most unique people I have met in Second Life, but she is also one of the most creative. One of the things that I adore about Mich is that she truly does not seem to have the slightest idea how great her creative work really is. Any time I point this out to her, she simply responds, “I’m just me, Mich.” There are two videos that were made in 2014, Toothbrush, by Philip Sidek, and Le vent nous portea, by Mr. S., and I think both beautifully capture the essence of dear Mich. Take a look, I think you will agree. Happy belated rezz-day dear friend, hoping for many more to come! ♥



Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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