More Crown Stuff

More Crown Stuff

We had such a great time last night at the Paper Crown Pass Ceremony where the crowning of our new Queen Elizabeth was gracefully performed by former Queen Daze. It all started off as a quite ceremonial and dignified event, where people gathered quietly around. Pleasantries and congratulations were exchanged. The cat slept peacefully amongst us. Then something happened that can only happen in this our Second Life. The crowd went virtually mad.


I don’t recall exactly how this came about, but it was sudden and it was quite wild. Balloons, confetti, gestures, music, strange sounds and even stranger objects were amongst us. We were dancing and falling and spinning and shouting. There were a few surprised seeming gallery visitors who came around intermittently and then left, very confused. We laughed and laughed. We could not leave, but of course, we eventually had to…


I think it is safe to say that it was an event none of us will soon forget. We will continue this tradition and hope to include more of you if you are interested. We have placed next to the door in the Berg by Nordan Art gallery, where these events take place, a poster with information about The Paper Crown Pass Ceremony and created The Paper Crown Pass Ceremony group. Please join the group inworld if you would like to be there for the next ceremony. If you join us and take photos, please post them in the The Paper Crown Pass Flickr group. Look forward to seeing you there in about a month or so!

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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