The multi-artist exhibit Imagine opens today, Sunday, April 24, 2016, at 12 PM SLT at the DaphneArts Gallery with music by DJ ferdy. The 17 photographers participating are Angelika Corral, Anouk A., Bay Addens, Burk Bode, Good Cross, Hills, Io Bechir, Isa Messioptra, Jammie Hill, Joslyn Benson, Maloe Vansant, miu miu, miu, MM (Mysterr), Paola Mills, Senna Coronet, tutsy Navarathna and Zib Scaggs. This exhibit is really wonderful and I loved most of the photographs by this group of extremely talented artists. I liked the wide open space of the gallery also, it greatly contributes to the overall feel of this show. Curators Angelika Corall and Sheldon BR state about the exhibit that Imagine is a show that uses art, focused on promoting a peaceful communication, bringing together some great SL photographers from around the world. The metaverse Second Life is a community that, in its own unique way, resembles the “dream” which was eloquently presented by the English songwriter and performer John Lennon in his song “Imagine”, (1971). By this, Lennon, shared his dream of a world without border lines, where people could live in a brotherhood of man, with noting to live or to die for. The participating artists were invited to create an image using the song “Imagine” as inspiration. They shared their vision as dreamers, via their artistic images. The exhibit will be open until the end of May, make sure not to miss it!

Photograph by Tutsy Navarathna

Gallery Updates


I would like to share with you here some updates about Berg by Nordan Art. First, we are about one-third through the second round of exhibits for this year. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback for the beautiful black and white photographs by Imani Nayar and the intriguing surrealist-inspired installation by Igor Ballyhoo. I am also happy to let you know that the gallery once again made the Featured Events section of the Second Life Destination Guide. Come over and check out these works if you haven’t already; the teleport to the installation on the ground is next to the door in the gallery. If you take photographs, please add them to the Berg by Nordan Art Flickr group, would love to see them! Second, we have made changes to the third round of exhibits (July throughout September 2016). Due to unforeseen circumstances Kyhiro (photography) and Cica Ghost (installation) will unfortunately not be able show their work; hoping to show their work in the gallery at some future time. The artists showing their work for that time will be announced at a later time. Finally, The Paper Crown Pass Ceremony, a challenge started by Mich Michabo, has now become kind a kind of tradition in our gallery. The current Queen Elizabeth is doing an extraordinarily fine job carrying the crown! She is about half-way through and will in a few weeks select a new King or Queen, at which time we meet again for our ceremony. Please look for the poster next to the door if you are interested in joining these events. Thats all for now folks, hope to see you in the gallery soon!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Summer on Frisland


I revisited Frisland just like I always do when the season changes. This beautiful sim is already set up for the warm season, as usual with great attention to detail. Lush greens, little hangouts, fantastically decorated houses and all kinds of animals adorn this place. There is a great sense of familiarity visiting Frisland and also great curiosity when exploring what may have been added for the new season. I think it safe to say that this has become a Second Life classic. Head over and take a look and be prepared to spend some time!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Flashes of Life


The talented Giovanna Cerise presently has a new exhibit, Flashes of Life,  at The Eye Art Gallery. Whereas we are used to larger installations by this artist, like most recently Memories at Berg by Nordan Art late last year, we find in this gallery a mixture of fractal works and smaller installations, some new and some that have been seen before. I was particularly intrigued by one of the newer works Confusion (see above). The image in this post is misleading as in Second Life this actually is a large white cube that one enters and is then enveloped by white walls. The squiggly black lines look like a drawing here, but are really black strands of prims, or perhaps mesh. Looking closer, several profiles emerge; there is a sense of distortion and chaos. There are several works like this where one can enter and become part of. Head over and take a look. Great work as always Giovanna!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf



The new installation Moonlight by Cica Ghost opened a few days ago. As always, the style of the work is easily recognizable as Cica’s. Whimsical knitted socks and sweaters on a clothes line, little houses, swaying grass, different textured stone walls, all surrounded by the blue, blue ocean. But there is also something magical about this exhibit that we haven’t really seen before; flying carts, twinkling stars and a large moon. A few figures linger in their sleepwear, standing on mountain tops, longingly staring at the moon above. This is a very dreamy work by Cica that you do not want to miss. Head over and take a look.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

I’m Me, Mich

I'm Me, Mich

Mich Michabo had her 11th rezz-day on April 11, 2016 and we all didn’t realize, including herself. Mich is someone who I have come to know a bit over the past months and I feel fortunate to be her friend. Not only is she one of the most unique people I have met in Second Life, but she is also one of the most creative. One of the things that I adore about Mich is that she truly does not seem to have the slightest idea how great her creative work really is. Any time I point this out to her, she simply responds, “I’m just me, Mich.” There are two videos that were made in 2014, Toothbrush, by Philip Sidek, and Le vent nous portea, by Mr. S., and I think both beautifully capture the essence of dear Mich. Take a look, I think you will agree. Happy belated rezz-day dear friend, hoping for many more to come! ♥



Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

More Crown Stuff

More Crown Stuff

We had such a great time last night at the Paper Crown Pass Ceremony where the crowning of our new Queen Elizabeth was gracefully performed by former Queen Daze. It all started off as a quite ceremonial and dignified event, where people gathered quietly around. Pleasantries and congratulations were exchanged. The cat slept peacefully amongst us. Then something happened that can only happen in this our Second Life. The crowd went virtually mad.


I don’t recall exactly how this came about, but it was sudden and it was quite wild. Balloons, confetti, gestures, music, strange sounds and even stranger objects were amongst us. We were dancing and falling and spinning and shouting. There were a few surprised seeming gallery visitors who came around intermittently and then left, very confused. We laughed and laughed. We could not leave, but of course, we eventually had to…


I think it is safe to say that it was an event none of us will soon forget. We will continue this tradition and hope to include more of you if you are interested. We have placed next to the door in the Berg by Nordan Art gallery, where these events take place, a poster with information about The Paper Crown Pass Ceremony and created The Paper Crown Pass Ceremony group. Please join the group inworld if you would like to be there for the next ceremony. If you join us and take photos, please post them in the The Paper Crown Pass Flickr group. Look forward to seeing you there in about a month or so!

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf