I am first now finding time to write a blog post about Nusquam. As so many of you, I’ve taken several photos there already; it is hard not to, the place is filled with things to photograph. I think it is safe to say that Nusquam is one of the two most popular new Second Life destinations (the other one being the newly re-designed The Trace). Each time I have visited, the sim has been almost filled to capacity. An intriguing combination of traditional, whimsy and cool, this location is a photographer’s haven for sure. Lush fields, rugged shores, grungy railway tracks with derailed trains and a few very distinctly decorated houses come together in such a way as to create a cohesive whole. Bravo and thank you Randi Lenroy for putting together such a wonderful place for us all to enjoy. If you head over to take pics don’t forget to add them to the Nusquam Flickr group!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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