April through June 2016: Igor Ballyhoo and Imani Nayar

poster mechanismus 1

We have less than a week left of the current exhibits by Haveit Neox and Mich Michabo at Berg by Nordan Art. Please head over and take a look if you haven’t already. Igor Ballyhoo, with his installation MECHANISMUS, and Imani Nayar, with the exhibit Black & White Photography, are up next, from April through June 2016. The gallery will be closed on April 1 and 2 for installation of the new exhibits and the opening will then take place on Sunday, April 3 at 12 PM SLT. As usual our house DJ d-oo-b (aka Eif) will provide music!

Imani Nayar at Berg by Nordan Art.png


Thank you very much to Mich and Haveit for a fabulous three months of art and welcome to Imani and Igor for the second exhibit period of 2016. Hope to see you all at the opening on Sunday!

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