Shifting by daze at White Panes Gallery

Daze’s new solo exhibit Shifting opened at White Pines Gallery on Elysion earlier this week. This is the best show I have seen by daze so far. This collection of photographs consists of portraits, nudes, and various scenes. Next to most of the pictures one finds a little a little radio with corresponding music. This detail enriches the overall experience while viewing and is truly a wonderful idea. In her artist statement, daze notes about her exhibit that I see SL as a place of constant change and sometimes I like to slow it down, change the pace, and capture that time. I have found though, that while you can slow things down , you can’t stop the shifting, nor would you want to. Without those shifts, of light, of sand , of wind, a hand, or connections, you will never see the jewels that lie beneath. The gallery itself is owned and curated by the talented Syn Beresford. A beautiful show in a beautiful gallery. A must see.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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