The Trace


There have been so many great places opening up lately, it is hard to keep up. I recently covered here The Yorkshire Moors, Crystal Gardens and The Mill, followed by Suomi and Legacy Ridge. There are several others, one of them is the newly made-over The Trace, which I will cover in this post. Another one, Nusquam, has caught my attention as well and I will head over and blog about it soon. But back to The Trace. This is a seasonally landscaped sim by Kylie Jaxxon that I think is familiar to most of us and it has been open to the public since 2013. In 2014, Elvira Kytori, owner of White Dunes Estates, joined forces with Miss Jaxxon and the two have collaborated ever since. The most recent version of this popular destination I think is the best so far. One can tell that much thought and attention has been given to putting the sim together; things like rotating water sprinklers, yoga mats with poses and hang gliders are very nice touches (I tried hang gliding and had a blast!). The landscape itself is mostly flat with rocks and some stones, reaching into the ocean on all sides, adorned with a great variation of all kinds of fauna, grass, bushes and trees. There are plenty of buildings and areas to hang out. I predict this place will become one of the most popular destinations this Spring and Summer. Head over and take a look for yourselves and don’t forget to post your photographs in The Trace Flickr Group.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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