Zib Scaggs at dathuil

Zib Scaggs at Dathuil

One of my favorite Second Life photographers, Zib Scaggs, is showing her work at dathuil. Her exhibit Slow Motion Riot And A Nude opens on Thursday, March 3 at 12 PM SLT. The 24 images on display at the gallery are a great sample of the wide array of content and color this artist seems to so effortlessly master. Zib notes that I create in Second Life for my own amusement, things for photos, things to adorn my avatar with, things just to see if I can. I share many of those creations with others who adorn their avatars and take their own photos too. Simple enough. The images in the ‘slow motion riot and a nude’ exhibition are of those things I have made, or avatars I adorn. I have left a few creations out in the gallery for you, you will find them in the zebras. One of my favourite parts of creating in SL is seeing what others do with the pieces. If you do find something that inspires a photo, you are welcome to add them to the Zibska flickr group here ~ https://www.flickr.com/groups/zibska/. Yes it is true, the zebras that adorn the gallery are clickable and once clicked will give you the prop that was part of the photo next to it! Head over and take a look at this wonderful exhibit, it will be open until the end of March.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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