Two Exhibits


There are presently two exhibits by talented female photographers, both with a focus on nudes, predominantly in black and white. The first exhibit I visited is Elo à Nu, by Elorac Paule, at Corruption, curated by Gabriel Botto. We find here nineteen  images mounted in three rooms, some in color and some in black and white, depicting the female body. With these photographs, Elorac Paule, aka as Lil’ Frenchie Elo, beautifully captures eroticism, integrating at times collars and cuffs, highlighting in the process the female shape.


The second exhibit, Real Dreams, is by MM (Mysterr) at LA Gallery, curated by at Wintergeist. We find here fifteen of MM (Mysterr)’s stunning images, all black and white. There is such a great sense of sensuality present in this photographer’s pictures and she rarely fails in capturing the subtleties of emotion. She notes in her artist statement that [h]er main purpose is to make images, music and words dance together, to tell stories of “amor e saudade” (love and missing) so typical of her Portuguese roots, that feed on “fado” and fantasy. She continuously tries to capture the secret essence of the soul (hers? universal?), knowing it will always be an impossible mission and a never ending quest. All this inspires her camera to travel the angles and cut the fragments that express better what goes on in the heart… Head over for yourself and check out these two shows, you don’t want to miss them.

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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