The Paper Crown Pass


It is finally time for one of the most important Ceremony events of the year, namely the first ever Paper Crown Pass! This challenge was announced by Miss Mich Michabo on Flickr a few days ago and we now have a taker (yes, it is me!). I will accept the prestigious Paper Crown on Sunday, February 7, 2016 at 12 PM SLT at Berg by Nordan Art, seated by the Gallery Orange Cat. The Paper Crown will be worn by me for a month and I must wear the Paper Crown in all pictures I take. These photos will then be added to the especially created Paper Crown Pass Flickr Group. After one month the Paper Crown will then be passed by me to an individual of my choice to which another Paper Crown Pass Ceremony will take place at the Berg by Nordan Art gallery. Each new wearer of the Paper Crown will then do the same, wear for a month and pass to an individual of their choice at Berg by Nordan Art for the Pass Ceremony and so forth. The Paper Crown will eventually end up again with Mich in December 2016. Let me also not forget to mention here that the golden Paper Crown was created by the talented Meli Imako. Hope you can join us for this exciting event!

Blog post co-editor Mich Michabo
Photograph by Mich Michabo

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