Dead End City

Dead End CityI’ve been quite taken lately with a place called Dead End City. This is a role play, including kidnap role play, grunge sim created by Nadir Taov, which some of you may know already. I am not someone who is into role play, but I find this destination incredibly well done and keep returning to visit. As noted in Mr. Taov’s profile, he has put together several similar sims in addition to this one; Alterscape, Crack Den and Outbreak are the others. The landing area of Dead End City consists of a few city blocks and most of the house and road textures are black and white. Interspersed with the monochrome surfaces are strings of lights and some objects in the color red, providing an eerie kind of sensation. Some of the textures and objects here have an old-Second Life feel to them, which I think only contributes to the very run-down and grunge-like esthetics of this extraordinary place. One can teleport to other areas of the sim via bus. This is such a cool place. Head over and take a look if you haven’t already.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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