There is always excitement in the air when there is a new exhibit by Cica Ghost. Her installation Beginners opened today and as expected people arrived from near and far to take a look. This work has quite a minimal feel to it as there are only a few very rustic objects, like a caravan of small houses led by a moving snail, carefully placed on the sim; disbursed amongst them are a handful of old grumpy figures. I fell in love with the moving snail, so large, slow and gentle, but intriguing with a little house on its back. The grumps are incredible too,  archaic in appearance, each with a seemingly different personality. As we have become accustomed to with Cica’s work, there are also beautiful swaying vegetation throughout, placed on winding hills. Don’t forget to turn on the stream when visiting, gentle meditative sounds complete the experience. Also, as I’ve mentioned before, Cica will show her work at Berg by Nordan Art July through September 2016, please be on the lookout for announcements.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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