I recently visited one of my favorite shops, tram. Located on the sim Minaloushe it is a store that always seems to take great care of its internal and external appearances. The inside, which I think has been modified a bit, is quite modern and minimalist, highlighting the gorgeous clothing on display and, of course, the different kinds of hair. The tram hairs are fantastic and usually one of my “go-to” brands when I find myself in a bind about choosing hair. The outside of the store is well maintained also and struck me as unusually beautiful when I was visiting. As on so many other winter sims this time of year, snow falls. But the difference here in experience from other snow sims I think that the ground is merely partially covered with a very gentle layer of snow and not all of the trees are barren. There is a well-thought out mix of seasonal trees here, some are different shades of green and others are bare. It feels like early Spring, simply beautiful. Head over and take a look.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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