Three Galleries


I visited three galleries today, each had an opening in January 2016. These are all solid Second Life galleries showing decent quality art. But what also struck me was that each gallery had something that made it unique and in some ways different from the others. The first gallery, Omagination Ar Gallery, owned and curated by Owen Landar, had an opening on January 9, White Show, showing works by Giti Aura, Ini Inaka, Rage Darkstone and others. I liked this gallery a lot because of its layout and great attention to detail. It seemed both well-organized and well-thought out. This is simply a great space to show art.


The second place I visited was Art on Roofs, where there was also an opening on January 9, Through a Blogger’s Eyes in Second Life, by fellow blogger and photographer Inara Pey. We walked around here for a while and looked at Inara’s photographs. She is a talented photographer and each image is appealing in its own way. My fellow gallery-explorer and myself imagined, however, what these pictures might look like without the white borders. We agreed the white frame that was part of the photograph somehow distracted from the image itself. Still, the best thing about this gallery is the art. Inara’s photographs are simply beautiful.


My last stop today was at The Living Room, co-owned and co-curated by Owl Dragonash, daallee, and Nora, where there was an opening on January 7 showing About SL People and Places by Mareea Farasco and Sculptures by Faith Maxwell. I have been here before and I liked it. This is a unique place that I believe has been in Second Life for quite some time, offering both art and music performances. The best thing about this gallery I think is the unique space (it is round) with great views, which contributes to its unusual atmosphere.

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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