lo Bechir at dathuil

dathuil There are several exhibit openings this weekend, one of them is at the elegant dathuil Gallery of Art showing lo Bechir‘s i.avatar on Sunday, January 3, at 1 PM SLT. This is a lovely collection of photographs by the talented lo, who notes in her artist statement that [t]he work I’m displaying in i.avatar is a simple, autobiographical document. My hope is to communicate my impressions with regard to my experiences here over the past three years. During this time period I fell in love. I met some amazing and wonderful friends. I suffered a broken heart. I came to realize my own strength. I took up sailing. I found my voice as an artist, and discovered new ways to express my Self in this limitless space of ethereal light and imagination. Probably, many of the same experiences you have had. I hope that seeing my work will provide both a looking-glass into my experience as well as touch on the kaleidoscope of complex layers that make up yours. Head over and take a look at these intriguing works. The exhibit will be open for a month.


Photographs by Kate Bergdorf

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