Dead End City

Dead End CityI’ve been quite taken lately with a place called Dead End City. This is a role play, including kidnap role play, grunge sim created by Nadir Taov, which some of you may know already. I am not someone who is into role play, but I find this destination incredibly well done and keep returning to visit. As noted in Mr. Taov’s profile, he has put together several similar sims in addition to this one; Alterscape, Crack Den and Outbreak are the others. The landing area of Dead End City consists of a few city blocks and most of the house and road textures are black and white. Interspersed with the monochrome surfaces are strings of lights and some objects in the color red, providing an eerie kind of sensation. Some of the textures and objects here have an old-Second Life feel to them, which I think only contributes to the very run-down and grunge-like esthetics of this extraordinary place. One can teleport to other areas of the sim via bus. This is such a cool place. Head over and take a look if you haven’t already.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

moon Edenbaum at Furillen


Something has been cooking over at Furillen for the past few days. There have been a few general announcements and a curious kind of secrecy surrounding the first Furillen photography exhibit, shoot the shooters, by moon Edenbaum. There are three special viewing times, two today and one tomorrow at 9 AM SLT, set aside for this event, only  further contributing to a general sense of mystery. Unfortunately, due to real life commitments, I was not able to attend today and will not be able to tomorrow either. I snuck in to take a quick look this evening, however, and ended up staying a very long while. This exhibit is nothing short of astounding and I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it in Second Life before. It is not easy to put into words what goes on in this show, one really has to experience it in person. The twenty portraits of photographers slowly being projected onto one of the Furillen building walls, the gently falling snow, the meditative music, and the scattered chairs; magical, much like Furillen itself. These portraits by moon beautifully display the character of each sitter and coupled with a short introductory few words they come alive even more. Bravo, bravo, bravo. This exhibit will only be open until Monday, unfortunately, so head over and take a look. I really wish Mr. Furillen-Footman would reconsider and keep it open for a while longer…


Photographs by Kate Bergdorf



There is always excitement in the air when there is a new exhibit by Cica Ghost. Her installation Beginners opened today and as expected people arrived from near and far to take a look. This work has quite a minimal feel to it as there are only a few very rustic objects, like a caravan of small houses led by a moving snail, carefully placed on the sim; disbursed amongst them are a handful of old grumpy figures. I fell in love with the moving snail, so large, slow and gentle, but intriguing with a little house on its back. The grumps are incredible too,  archaic in appearance, each with a seemingly different personality. As we have become accustomed to with Cica’s work, there are also beautiful swaying vegetation throughout, placed on winding hills. Don’t forget to turn on the stream when visiting, gentle meditative sounds complete the experience. Also, as I’ve mentioned before, Cica will show her work at Berg by Nordan Art July through September 2016, please be on the lookout for announcements.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

shoot the shooters

Reblogged from Furillen blog; check out this exhibit in a few weeks at Furillen.



The German cultural theorist, Walter Benjamin, once wrote:

Even the most perfect reproduction of a work of art is lacking in one element: its presence in time and space, its unique existence at the place where it happens to be.

He believed that an indispensable part of the authenticity and meaning of an artwork was its connection to the location in which it was originally produced.


Even in a virtual space such as Second Life, we can still develop attachments to place and location. I have learned this at Furillen. It is a sim that has come to mean quite a lot to some of the regular visitors.

Coming back

One of the most striking aspects of Furillen is the art produced there. The images – and videos – that have emerged from the sim have been displayed on its flickr stream, and in this blog. It is a remarkable testimony to the creativity and imagination of visitors.



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I recently visited one of my favorite shops, tram. Located on the sim Minaloushe it is a store that always seems to take great care of its internal and external appearances. The inside, which I think has been modified a bit, is quite modern and minimalist, highlighting the gorgeous clothing on display and, of course, the different kinds of hair. The tram hairs are fantastic and usually one of my “go-to” brands when I find myself in a bind about choosing hair. The outside of the store is well maintained also and struck me as unusually beautiful when I was visiting. As on so many other winter sims this time of year, snow falls. But the difference here in experience from other snow sims I think that the ground is merely partially covered with a very gentle layer of snow and not all of the trees are barren. There is a well-thought out mix of seasonal trees here, some are different shades of green and others are bare. It feels like early Spring, simply beautiful. Head over and take a look.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Blue Dress

Blue Dress

★ Dress: Skin-clinging Dress (Blue) by [VALE KOER] for Kustom9
★ Shoes: Dolores (Banana) by Candy Doll
★ Hair: C407 (Brown) by tram
★ Skin: Emma (*peche*) by Essences
★ Mesh Body: Lara by Maitreya
★ Freckles: Chocolate Splits by DeeTaleZ
★ Eyes: Look Eyes (Emerald) by Amacci
★ Eyebrows: Natural Eyebrows by iGOTit for The Chapter Four
★ Pose: Double Take by Del May
★ Location: Furillen

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

Ini in Inaka at Nitroglobus Hall


Ini in Inaka is the first artist showing her work at the newly opened Nitroglobus Hall and her exhibit The Journey Home opened on January 15, 2016. Ini’s work looks great on the large-scale canvases in this space and some of the images are truly outstanding. Nitroglobus Hall is the new gallery by Dido Haas; this space looks much like the old gallery, with gorgeous shiny floors, high ceilings and large wall surfaces. Head over and take a look!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf