January through March 2016: Haveit Neox and Mich Michabo

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We still have about a week left of the current exhibits by Giovanna Cerise and Sina Souza at Berg by Nordan Art. Please head over and take a look if you haven’t already. Haveit Neox and Mich Michabo are up next, from January through March 2016. As mentioned earlier, the gallery will be closed on January 1 and 2 for installation of the new exhibits and the opening will then take place on Sunday, January 3 at 11 AM SLT. As usual our house DJ d-oo-b (aka Eif) will provide music.

Fading Mask by Neox 2 (1024)

Haveit Neox’s new exhibit Fading Mask promises to be just as stunning and intriguing as his previous installations in Second Life. He has put together a machinima-preview of his work, which I have posted separately here. Haveit’s accompanying notes to this important piece are:

I don’t believe you
you don’t believe me either
the human brain is made of story cells
we concoct the truth, don’t we, rather than see it
then we march with the like-minded to affirm our stories
no, dear reader, you are not an exception without victims
but our mask can fall at any moment
beware, we enlightened ones, for the store of hatred we have,
or worse, for the amount of love
we’d stolen away for all the years.

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Mich Michabo’s exhibit, Simple Samples of Her Repertroire, is equally close to my heart. Mich is someone who rarely shows her work in galleries and I am so proud and honored to have her show her very unusual and poetic photographs in mine. About this exhibit she states:

Just making pretty pictures in Second Life. I like to show emotion through faces, a chair leg and yes, even your shoe!

It’s not just pictures, it’s love… I throw dedication to those in the know.

I love looking at your misty pictures, your love of art. I like the nature of rain, trees and snow. Windows, curtains and what they show. Moody pictures and bright happy ones too. I like a little bit of nude, black and white – and I really love enthusiasm, love for and trying.

Yes that’s me – I love most things about you.

I thank Giovanna and Sina for a fabulous three months of art at the end of 2015 and welcome Haveit and Mich for the first  period of 2016. See you in the new year!

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