DaisyDaze at LA Gallery

UntitledMy talented friend DaisyDaze (aka daze) is showing her work at the LA Gallery. Her exhibit Evolution is curated by Wintergeist and will be up until the end of the month. This is a very personal collection of images, some have been seen already, others are new additions. daze notes about this exhibit that [a]s a consummate observer, I often hang back and get caught in my own head and projects. This can, at times, create a sense of detachment and loneliness. In SL as in my RL I’ve come to realize that LIFE, in whichever space, is about growth, learning, and the relationships that you form… it’s about taking chances, getting outside your own walls, and living with joy. And just like in real life, you have to be open to these things and then foster them. My collection “Evolution” is a reflection of this journey. From a singular existence, living on the periphery, letting in the light and color , and finally stepping forward to make the connections that I know will bring joy to my world. I hope to meet you along the way. Head over and take a look!

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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