A Slow Reveal

UntitledThere is a new exhibit opening today, Thursday, December 3, at 2 PM SLT by Goodcross at dathuil Gallery. The beautiful large gallery space functions as a great backdrop for these intriguing works. The pictures are displayed on different sized canvases and strategically positioned throughout the space in such a way that they compliment each other very nicely. There is a variety of photographs  to be seen here by the talented Mr. Goodcross. In his own words: Certain moments in our lives become epiphanies. I tend to recreate these moments even if they are not from my own personal life. I combine a picture with a song so that they collectively can set a mood for my audience and for that moment they might be connected to me. My hope is that a lifetime collection of these instantaneous mini stories may slowly reveal a bigger picture, a bigger realization and provide a picturesque walk down the memory lane and perhaps relive each memory when a picture was created. Hope you will walk with me. Head over to the opening today and if you don’t have the time, make sure to take a look before the show closes in a month. Below a photograph of Lucy Diamond and Max Butoh, curators and owners of the dathuil Gallery, I think perhaps making last-minute preparations.

Lucy and Max

Photographs by Kate Bergdorf


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