ARnnO PLaneR at TAF

UntitledOne of my all-time favorite Second Life photographers, ARnnO PLaneR, has his first inworld exhibit, Snapaholism, at the The Artists Factory Art Gallery (TAF). The opening was on Friday, November 20 and, unfortunately, due to work, I could not make it. I returned today to take a look. For those of us who are active on Flickr, we know ARnnO as the “paparazzoted” photographer. Displayed in this exhibit are of course many of the intriguing avatar portraits that ARnnO does so incredibly well, capturing with each shot masterfully the very essence of the avatar.  But a smaller part of this show is also devoted to landscapes and various scenes and are equally intriguing and beautifully captured.


I also really like this gallery and it is the second time I’ve returned in a short period of time. The minimalist concrete build itself by Neigeux is totally suitable as gallery space. It is the perfect size, with one ground floor and a small extension, has a great layout and is tastefully put together. Part of the gallery space, Hall 2, is used to show a handful of selected quite beautiful works by the gallery owner and curator Jarla Capalini Sperber herself. Head over and take a look.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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