Blogging and Flickr


For the past few months, I’ve noticed I spend more time on Flickr than on this blog. I’ve blogged for years and Flickr is much more recent, so I sort of get a bit melancholy thinking about it, but it is true. I will not give up blogging, but Flickr definitely has more of my attention right now. It occurred to me that other bloggers, with a few exceptions, seem to be blogging less as well. There also seems to be less Second Life blogs in general. I think it has to do with that now that people have a myriad of social media options available they have to make choices. For instance, I made a conscious decision not to sign up with Facebook, Google +, Instagram, Twitter and Plurk for the reason that there simply are not enough hours in the day allowing me to fully attend to them all. This blog and Flickr are what I have time to do. To me, both are different means of Second Life communication and I find I mostly use them concurrently, i.e. when I publish a blog post with a photograph, I usually also post that image on Flickr with a link to the blog. One is about writing and one is about photography, they overlap and work well together. Maybe the way for me to think of this is  that I am actually not blogging less, I am simply extending it to include Flickr.

Photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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