Escenas-Scenes: The Time (Scene 1)


There is a new MetaLES exhibit by Ux Hax and Romy Nayar named Escenas-Scenes. This work consists of two giant subjects, one male and one female, and a few objects. The man stands next to a door holding a lantern, next to him is a tilted table on top of which are a porcelain teapot with teacups and saucers sliding off to the ground. The woman is half-way into the ground, her arms pushing the surface down, seemingly trying to get out of a hole. Her face is distorted in agony, glancing over to the side onto a floor clock out which is extended on a metal piece a large black crow split in half. Next to her, a hand mirror and a brush and a few pearl scattered on the ground.


The objects here are majestic and large and the sim itself seems to have somehow shrunk with these giants standing upon it. The sense one gets viewing this work is one of time slipping away or perhaps having missed out because of time. The installation appropriately named The Time (Scene 1) is the first part out of four scenes, each will be on display for two weeks on MetaLES.  Each scene is a continuation of the one that came before. Sim windlight and enabling of sounds are recommended. Please keep in mind that each story will only be up for a short period of time so make sure not to miss it. Bravo Ux and Romy, intriguing and unusual, looking forward to the next scene.

First photograph by Tutsy Navarathna
Second photograph by Kate Bergdorf

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